When it comes to studying, kids don’t leave behind any excuse to avoid it. Creating a fun-filled studying environment with a dedicated table can help boost their will to study. The whole excitement of owning a separate study table with storage and pinboards would make them want to study and create notes. A well-designed table will also help kids stay organized. They can sort their work, arrange notes, and store books and stationery neatly. With an attached storage option, they would not have to get up and walk till the shelf for grabbing books. They can complete their homework, assignments, projects, and prepare for exams without any hassle, right at the desk. All in all, they will have an organized space for study without any distractions. 

Moreover, a study table can also serve the purpose of a computer table. You can place your desktop or laptop on the tabletop and keep the computer essentials in the drawer below. Owning a desk with a computer table design can be a win-win situation for you, as you can work from home during difficult times while your kid isn’t studying.

With the increasing trends of home decor, most of the furniture designs feature a classy and modern touch. Thanks to technology, you can now search and shop for your desired study table online. Here are some of the study table designs that you might love to bedeck your home decor with:

Vento Venus Free Standing Study Table:

Featuring a sleek walnut matte finish, this free-standing table cum cabinet is designed ergonomically to provide adequate space. It comes with multiple storage drawers and cabinets. The door of the top-most cabinet can be pulled down to form the writing space. Not just books, but you can also store your important papers and files. This knock-down table can fit in any contemporary decor perfectly.

Simple Engineered Wood Study Table:

If you are looking for a simple table that serves the 2-in-1 purpose of the study and computer table, then this one is for you. It offers you ample working space with a dedicated writing tabletop. It has been provided with 2 additional storage drawers beneath for you to store all the work essentials. Designed from engineered wood, this table comes in honey and walnut finish.

Castle Study Table:

Now this one is definitely going to be your kid’s favorite. It comes as a free-standing table designed to give it a castle-like look. The cabinets feature a castle tower-like patterns with 7 open shelves, 5 drawers, and a tabletop. Plus, you can decorate the top-most part of the table with showpieces, figurines, or planters. Made with MDF, this castle table is sturdy and durable; therefore, you can rely on its quality. It is a perfect choice to lure your kids into studying.

Gleam Rhombus Study Table:

Gleam rhombus is a perfect amalgamation of a standalone bookshelf and writing/working space. This classy piece features a walnut finish that gives it a contemporary look. The multiple storage cabinets and drawers provide you with lots of space for books, files, bag, stationery, and more. The foldable tabletop offers sufficient working space, and when done, you can close it to form the cabinet door. Made from particle wood, this table has a PVC edge banding that prevents fungus and moisture absorption.

Stalwart Study Table:

Stalwart is a standalone table designed in white oak finish. It features a shelf-like structure with multiple compartments. The top-most cabinet comes with a pull-up door, so you can store your important files and folders. There’s an open rack where you can place your books, magazines, and CDs. On the side, you have a full-fledged shelf that you can utilize to store all your essentials. You can also use it for decor purposes and place showpieces, figurines, candy jars, indoor plants, and more. With a wide working space and a perfect cabinet-style, it stands tall in one corner without occupying much space.

Over to You—Make A Great Choice!

The study tables described above are also fit for use as a computer or work desk. While shopping for a study table online, it is recommended to always consider its material, size, number of compartments, and price. You may find more designs online; however, if your mind is stuck on any one of the mentioned above, you can check them at HomeTown.

So, do your research, pick a few designs, have a comparison, and choose the one that will best suit your needs while complementing your home decor.


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