Christmas is a time of celebration all over the world, so it is no wonder that during the holiday season, decorations of all types begin to adorn homes, hearths, and trees. If you are wondering what theme to use this year to trim your home, why not choose one of the 10 surprisingly beautiful ideas below.

1. Going Classic

If your decorations have included a flocked version of a tree, switch to a classic Christmas theme this year. Shop at Tree Classics to find a beautiful fir and then add some colorful bulbs, strings of popped corn, some multicolored lights, and an angel topper. If your family has keepsake ornaments, don’t forget to add them to the beautiful tree, too.

2. Opting for Rugged

If you love the look of the old cabin trees, why not create the rugged look for your holiday this year? Add a string of lights in a single color and then include sprigs of holly or berries. If the tree looks too bare, add a few pinecones or twigs to add depth.

3. Selecting Minimalism

The Scandinavian style Christmas trees are known for the minimalist beauty they possess. With a single color of ornaments, bulbs, and tinsel, the tree can have a simple, yet gorgeous aesthetic.

4. Choosing Candles

The Victorian Era trees held candles as a representation of lighting the way through the coming year. If you love the look of the strings of beads, angel ornaments, and torch decorations, why not choose a Christmas tree lit with electric candles for your holiday this year.

5. Frosty Delight

You may find yourself wandering through the Tree Classics reviews and find numerous comments on the beauty of the frosted firs. If you love white, choose a flocked tree and decorate with a single favorite color for a striking contrast. A popular choice is always gold for tinsel, ornaments, and a star tree topper.

6. Picking Themes

Whether you delight at the whimsical or the fantastic, you can find Christmas tree ornaments for almost any theme you could imagine. From adventure heroes to nutcrackers to cartoon characters, you can get it all. Don’t forget the colorful strings of lights that can also be found in many themed designs.

7. Pleasing Children

The homes with children around 150 years ago decorated the nursery tree with sweets. Bags of jelly beans, gumdrops, hardtack, and other candies were hung with care by the delighted children. You can even add strings of colorful cereal and gingerbread cookies that will make your friends laugh with delight – and they may want to take one home.

8. Gathering Chic

You don’t have to buy something new to decorate a beautiful tree. You can find vintage ornaments in your grandmother’s attic, at an antique shop, or online. Add all the trimmings together, and you will create a one of a kind treasured Christmas tree to enjoy all season long.

9. Presenting Angels

Angels have been associated with Christmas since the start of the holiday, so, dedicate a tree to the lovely wisps in white! Choose from angels made from a variety of materials and textures to give your tree a look that will make guests pause for a second glance.

10. Delightful Metallics

If you love the look for silver and gold during the holidays, choose a metallic theme for your Christmas tree. Select silver bulbs, gold ornaments, and crystalline decorations that add sparkle. Don’t forget to extend the metallic theme into your present wrapping to present a beautiful picture under your tree.

Decorating a Christmas tree is about more than adding lights, throwing on tinsel, and plopping on an ornament. You can create an incredible tree that matches your personality with some different, fun, and unique ideas from the list above.