11 Gripping Effects Of Chocolate On Your Body!

If you are a lover of this dark brown sweet you will undoubtedly jump for joy by knowing the fact that chocolate is actually beneficial for your health.

From increasing the health of your heart to increasing your overall mood and lowering your stress, you may think double before refusing to have more chocolates.

According to a study published in Journal of Appetite, Chocolate consumption was found to be associated with cognitive performance, heart disease, proper functioning of the brain in old age.

Normally about 4.5 KG of chocolate is consumed by Americans every year. So do you want to be like Americans-the chocolate lover?

11 Gripping Effects Of Chocolate On Your Body!

Here are more benefits of this delicious and incredibly popular food product and be in the list of chocolate lovers:

  1. Beneficial For Your Skin: Don’t believe what most people say about chocolate that it causes skin damage like breakouts. Actually, it is virtuous for skin. It is said that chocolate contains antioxidants galore and the antioxidant flavonoids in dark chocolate prevents your skin from sunburn.
  2. Heart Health Booster: Daily consumption of chocolate is a booster for the health of your heart. As it lowers the cholesterol level, your BP (Blood pressure) and the risks of different heart diseases.
  3. Lower Risks Of Stroke: According to the research of Canadian scientists about 22 % of people suffers less from strokes who consume chocolates. In 2011 the results of a Swedish study show that ladies who were eating chocolates of about 45 grams in a week had about 20% lower risk of strokes than the ladies who were eating about 9 grams of chocolates in a week.
  4. Cough Quieter: Theobromine is an ingredient in chocolate that decreases the activity of the vagus nerve (part of the brain that triggers hard to shake coughs). And it helps in quieting coughs.
  5. Diabetic Fighter: In 2005, the results of an Italian shows that by in taking chocolate daily the sensitivity of insulin increases and it reduces the risk of diabetes. So chocolate is a diabetic fighter also.
  6. Helps You In Weight Reduction: Chocolate helps in weight reduction and it fills you up. As according to Will Clower (a Neuroscientist) intake of small amount of chocolate reduces your desire of eating more. So after having a meal you can eat chocolate to decrease subsequent snacking.
  7. Rich in Minerals: Beneficial minerals like zinc, selenium, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium are present in dark chocolate and all these minerals are beneficial for your health.
  8. Mood Booster & Reduces Stress: According to a study people who eat chocolate daily for two weeks were feeling less stressed and the study proved that it’s a mood booster too by reducing the stress level in people.
  9. Booster to Athletes: As per results of the International Society of Sports Nutrition intake of chocolate improves the performance of athletes in their training.
  10. Increases Blood Flow & A Vision Booster: According to Dr. Fitzgerald, as aspirin is known for its blood thinning & anti-clotting properties so chocolate also works the same for the human body. And in this way, it increases blood circulation & flows to all body parts and retina too so it’s a vision booster too.
  11. Happier Mothers & Kids: The results of Finnish study show that intake of chocolate by expected mothers reduces their stress and in result the babies of such mothers smile as compared with the non-chocolate consuming mothers.

So include chocolate in your daily intakes. As in ancient days also it was used as a symbol of royalty, treatment to different diseases, as a way of providing relief and now it can be a staple part of the breakfast meal.

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