12 Cool Facts Just About Everything, Part 1

Here we starting  a visboo.com edition of cool facts just about everything and this is part!


Fact 1:

The word “queue” is pronounced the same way when the last 4 letters are removed.


Fact 2:

World’s largest frog, the Goliath frog can grow up to 13in in length and can jump up to 10 feet in a single bound.

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3 Responses

  1. Adri says:

    No letter P at all

  2. JEH says:

    Chickens are NOT the “closes” things to dinosaurs.

    Chickens are the “closest” things to dinosaurs. If you are giving educational advise……..for gods sake get the grammar and the spelling correct. Does anyone there hear the consonants when pronouncing the words, or did no one there learn the language phonetically?

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