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In order to keep the mouth healthy, it is always appreciable to visit your dentist on regular basis. Regular dental check-ups help to detect any oral health problem at its initial stage. Thus, it becomes easier for the health expert to cure patients in one hand, while on the other, patients go through lesser sufferings before availing faster recovery. Unfortunately, only a handful of people are conscious enough about their teeth and gums and visit dental clinics on regular basis. The majority of public in the UK, including London turn to a health professional only when they cannot bear the toothache any more.

3 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments To Avoid

As if, the trend of ignoring the oral health was not enough for the public. Recently, an increasing number of people are visiting dental experts only to seek certain cosmetic dentistry treatments, which are more likely to create irreversible damage to one’s teeth and gums. Even renowned Dulwich Dental Clinic suggests their patients to stay away from following the ongoing trend and prevent damaging their oral health.

Read on to know about the potentially harmful cosmetic treatments for the mouth that you should avoid for greater, lifelong benefits.

Harmful dental cosmetic treatments that you should avoid

Oral Jewellery

There are many affluent people – mostly music celebrities – who replace their natural teeth with shiny diamonds to add sparks to their smiles. Replacing the natural teeth with anything else is most likely to have severe effect on your mouth, which you will have to bear lifelong. Some people even avail gold crowns and implants to brighten up their smile. In order to achieve this touch-up effect, the natural teeth are badly affected.

These days, lip and tongue piercings are popular style statements. Oral health practitioners repeatedly warn their patients to avoid undergoing such harmful procedures. Oral piercings result in severe damage to the gums, which eventually lead to tooth loss.

Excessive Bleaching

Removing unwanted stains from the teeth to brighten up the smiles is certainly a smart idea. But, you should take care not to apply excessive amount of bleach to add more sparkle to your teeth. Teeth whitening kits that are readily available in the market are likely to damage the teeth in form of eroding away the enamel. This will leave the molars vulnerable to teeth decay.

Instead of depending on the whitening kit, you should rather maintain a healthy diet, cutting down on excessive tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco to retain the natural shine of your teeth.

Tooth Reshaping

Many people want to reshape their teeth to bring about subtle changes to their outward appearance. Reshaped molars are more prone to wear out and break easily. Moreover, the reshaping process involves removing the dentin, which leaves the oral pearls more vulnerable to tooth decay.

The majority of solutions that cosmetic dentistry provides are irreversible in nature. That is once the changes are made to your teeth and gums, it is almost impossible to undo that. Thus, before undergoing any such therapy, you should seriously consider the pros and cons of the result it will deliver and proceed cautiously.