Do you want to sell online? You build an e-commerce website, do extensive SEO, advertise it online and try to get traffic to sell your products or services. Although, its a good way to make your online presence, here’s another unique solution to sell online, which is not only less time consuming but easy to use with probably higher conversion rate (if you are willing to get a bit more creative and invest time and energy in it.)

Here are 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Retailers:

1. Set Up Your Facebook Shop

Yes, you can set up your Facebook Shop. Target the customers where they are, and they’re all on Facebook. Advertising your products or services on your Facebook Business Page and lead them to your Facebook Shop where you can display all your products, their images, details and also enable your Fans to buy them from the Facebook Shop App itself via PayPal secure transfer.

2. Give away Group Deals

What’s better than selling large numbers of your products and creating a lot of customers? Well, Group Deals help you do that. You can display any one product/service as a deal and offer it at a huge discount like 75% off or more, to attract the attention of fans. You can activate the deal only if a minimum number of Fans (decided by you) sign up for it. And then make the deal available for a maximum number of signups (decided by you as well).  What you get are a lot of people signing up for your amazing deal right from Facebook itself!

3. Promotions on Facebook Page

There are a variety of promotions you can run on Facebook Page, like a Timeline Contest, or a Sweepstakes as well. You can reward your Fans for engaging with your post, you can encourage them to sign up with you to win amazing goodies (which ofcourse can be your products or services!). Promotional activities keep your Fans engaged and happy. They make them coming back to your Business Page.

social media marketing for retailers

Also, it might be of interest to you that Facebook contests are a major attraction for Fans online. Any chance to showcase their talent and win some goodies are always welcome by Facebook Fans. So, running contests on Facebook is also a good idea. For Retailers, Caption Contest make a lot more sense as you can display your product and ask your Fans to share their opinions, tag lines, why would they buy it or why not. In all, you can create a lot of engagement with a simple Caption Contest.

Social Media Marketing for online retailers can get extremely creative. Whether you’re a painter who wants to sell paintings, or a hardware shop owner who sells car parts, or more visually pleasing apparel or cosmetic company… selling on Facebook has never been easier. Here is an article by Smart Insights that talks about how facebook can help grow sales for retailers. Get your set of Facebook Apps from any app agency, just make sure it meets your requirement of safe payment transaction, lead capturing forms and maybe even an integrated email marketing system. Use these amazing Facebook marketing tips and watch your Fans convert to customers, and grow your business.

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Ritika Verma is a social media manager with @AppsMav, a Facebook Apps developing agency. You can join them on their Facebook Page as well.

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