3 Ways to Clean your Home and Save the Planet

Cleaning your home can take hours and cost hundreds of dollars in cleaning supplies and specialty products. Luckily, the consumer landscape is changing. People are becoming more frugal, eco-friendly, and health conscious in the ways they clean and maintain their homes. Here are three ways to not only clean your home, but help preserve the planet in the process.

Use Green Products and Services

Household cleaning products are notorious for polluting indoor air quality and can contain toxic chemicals harmful to your family, local groundwater, and environment in general.

According to this checklist, it is recommend to using natural, eco-friendly ingredients to make your own cleaning sprays, floor washes and pastes.

3 Ways to Clean your Home and Save the Planet
Natural ingredients range from lemon as a deodorizer and metal cleaner to vinegar and tea tree oil as disinfectants. Other cheap, natural, and non-toxic household items include baking soda, salt, newspaper, olive oil — the recipes you can use for cleaning are as varied as your pantry.If you would rather buy eco-friendly cleaning products, check out these products reviewed by the Environmental Working Group.

Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse

Many of the products marketed and sold as cleaning supplies can be replaced with free re-purposed items already stored within your home. Evaluate the products in your home and be sure to purchase sustainable items that are durable. Cut waste by ditching the paper towels. Instead, recycle old rags or cut up towels and t-shirts to use as cleaning cloths or dusters. Also recycle old plastic jugs and bottles to store your homemade cleaning products. If you are handy with the sewing machine, try making your own reusable duster cloths. Dryer sheets can also be re-used as dusters for blinds, baseboards, and more. Many expensive products, like air fresheners, can either be replaced or are simply not needed as they cause more harm than good. Whenever you reach for an expensive cleaning product, think about what could be re-purposed to use in it’s place, or do a quick internet search to find eco-friendly alternatives.

Clear the Air

There are many more alternatives to maintaining clean air in your home than spray and plug-in air fresheners. In fact, these products can reduce indoor air quality. Instead, opt for plants that naturally oxygenate and clean the air. Also consider replacing candles and aerosol air fresheners with essential oils. Add drops of your favorite oils to reed diffusers or oil warmers to save electricity and naturally deodorize the air.
3 Ways to Clean your Home and Save the Planet
One way to keep your home cleaner and free from dust and dander is to use HEPA filters on vacuums and eco-friendly air purifiers. Air purifiers will cut down on dust and cleaning products needed from day to day. Also, try replacing filters on HVAC systems and vacuums with environmentally friendly washable filters to save money and time worrying if your filters need changing. Prior to purchasing new items for your home, research the sustainability of those products, and determine if they off-gas chemicals or are potentially toxic.Try using these strategies as a mantra when cleaning your home to boost health and well-being while saving money and the environment too. Reach for green products and services first before grabbing that bottle of toxic chemicals. Recycle or reuse items in your home to save money and reducing waste. Finally, keep the air clean, healthy, and your home eco-friendly. If you can’t do it all, find eco-friendly cleaning services that can help.

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