Android provided a great platform for both developers and user. The developers used the pre-built packages to develop the many different kinds applications. Games become a separate vast industry, which also kept its leg on android world. Ever since the game started on android platform many creative individuals and organizations created different level games in the past years. These games super in rendering and become more attractive on mobile devices with awesome effects and customizations. There are many kinds of games and millions of apps available for the users in Play store, but in user experience point of view and addictance levels namely few applications stood on top. These games are very simple and low end graphics required to play. But when you start play you going to love the games and get addicted easily.

Smash and Hit

4 Best Addictive Games On Android

It is one best addicted game said by many gamers. It’s simple for playing and simple there is no requirement heavy graphic support, but creates a wonderful screenplay. The game is all about to hit obstacles come in your way the ball you have. Getting into higher levels the game becomes much interested, the critical levels get increases and each time you will get into a new world. In trial period you can play until your balls end, once the game ends, it will start again from beginning.

One More Dash

4 Best Addictive Games On Android

It’s another game from the maker from one more line game which was super-difficult grappling game. It’s a pretty interesting game which will attract you play more and more because of the easiness at the same time difficult of timing. In this game we have jumped from one circle to another circle without hitting any obstacles which will also surround by the same circles.

Super Hexagon

4 Best Addictive Games On Android

It is also created with simplest concept, but it will eat your fingers. The time is the main thing in this game, which you have to survive. In this game we have to keep the arrow hitting from a closing wall that means we have to direct into open walls, which will again lead into another hexagon. The concepts sound very simple, but you will realize the difficulties involved in the game when you play it. It’s brilliant in concept and more addictable.

Paper Toss

4 Best Addictive Games On Android2

Paper toss is simplest game in this list, with very low graphics involvement, in this game you just have to throw a paper into the dustbin placed in front of you. The game frequently changes the direction and tells the wind flow direction range coming from the table fan kept on sides of you. The simplest logical concept makes the game more playable with interest.