Concealed carry clothing has become a booming industry filled with hundreds of size, shape and style options. But what if you aren’t sure where to get started? Which kinds of undercover clothes are truly the best? Here are just a few products to consider during your next shopping trip.
1. Women’s Concealed Carry Executive Tee
It can be difficult to find a concealed carry shirt that’s both comfortable and convenient, but this one takes the cake. In addition to its soft, breathable fabric, it also provides a discreetly concealed carry holster under the arm. You’ll never again have to walk down a dark alleyway without protection.
2. Mens Concealed Carry Plaid Boxer-Briefs
These plaid boxer-briefs look just like the real thing, but they’re also equipped with a miniature strap to keep your firearm close. They’re perfect for men who don’t want to wear a bulkier piece of concealed carry clothing. With this kind of underwear, absolutely no one will know that you’re packing.
3. Women’s Concealed Carry Zip Pocket Leggings
Concealed carry leggings are gaining a lot of popularity among skirt- and dress-wearers. They’re a lot more comfortable than traditional thigh holsters, but they can still provide support for two guns at a time. These leggings even come with zipping pockets so that you can carry other everyday essentials as well!
4. Men’s Concealed Carry Caliber Elite Parka
This parka lives up to its name by providing a lot more than just a concealed carry option. For example, it also comes with front pockets for keys, wallets, and phones, and it’s made of an insulated polyester fabric that will keep you warm in all kinds of winter weather. If you’re looking for a great jacket, this one is truly elite!
These are just a few pieces of concealed carry clothing that will combine both fashion and function. It’s important that your outfits don’t look like their primary purpose is to hide a firearm, so you’ll need something with a bit of style to it. Thankfully, all of these examples will fit the bill!