Whether you are buying a new motorcycle soon or you have been on the same bike for years, you understandably want to add a few upgrades. Dozens of brand-specific accessories as well as generic parts can be added to your motorcycle. These can bolster performance and functionality in different ways, or they may have purely aesthetic benefits. As you explore the many upgrades available for your bike, pay attention to these options.


Depending on the make and model that you own, your motorcycle may be enhanced with a wide range of styles for handlebars and grips. For example, you could install sport handlebars, mini-ape handlebars, or others. While handlebars change the look of your bike, they also affect your comfort on the road and how well you handle the vehicle. You may dress up your handlebars with various types of grips as well.

Accent Paint

Special paint kits are specifically designed to enhance some makes and models, so you can check with your manufacturer’s parts department for details. For greater personalization and to ensure individuality on the road, you may order a custom paint job. This provides you with the opportunity to choose from any color available as well as to control the sheen or finish, the accent touches, and other elements.

Headlights and Taillights

A convenient way to dress up your bike’s style is with custom headlights and tail lights. Some features, such as the Ducati sport classic tail light, are designed specifically for one type of motorcycle. If you decide to install a lighting kit that is not model-specific, you may need to replace the entire housing.


Generally, motorcycle seat options are model-specific and are available through the manufacturer, but you can find a few generic options available as well. With a new seat, you could transform a solo bike into a 2-seater. Some models can further by enhanced with sissy bars, comfort arm grips, a modified seatback and other items. Your need for saddlebags or an enclosed cargo feature may impact the types of seats that would work well on your bike.

While some upgrades are purely aesthetic, you can see that many parts can be added that alter style and functionality alike. A great place to start looking for parts is through the manufacturer. However, some generic or non-brand-specific options are available as well, and these should receive your attention before you order any motorcycle parts and accessories.


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