4 Ways To Light Your Business Signs

When it comes to your business signs, it’s important to make sure they have letters that are easy to read, colors that contrast well with one another, and of course, lighting that makes them easily visible to your customers. As signage technology has evolved through the years, there are now many different options regarding how business signs are lit. If you’re in the market for a new sign and want to explore the many methods of lighting available today, here are four that should get your attention.

Neon Lighting

Giving any business sign a nostalgic look and feel, neon lighting is arguably more popular today than ever before. If you use this type of lighting, you can often combine numerous colors into your sign’s lighting, creating a very unique look. Should you have neon signs at your business, they will always garner plenty of attention. There are specific professionals that can form different shapes with lines of neon lights. This enables you to have a unique sign that can make your business stand out. Especially if your business is in a place where other businesses have neon open signs. A sign with a fun shape or different color letters can draw a passer-by into your location. Other neon lights can be a simple as having a sign with neon colors and a black light shining on them. This way of lighting your sign is typically best for in the evening when it is darker. Because of this, it’s mostly ideal for companies that are open late at night such as a diner or bar. You can, of course, use this type of lighting during the day if there is a way to shadow the sunlight. That way the light is still visible from the stree. If your signs are in an alcove or even if you create artificial shadowing by placing a box around the sign, you may be able to get the benefits from this type of lighting during the day. Otherwise, you’ll need some other type of lighting during the day.

LED Lighting

Cost-effective because they last so long, LED lights for business signs are popular choices for all types of businesses. Large bulbs like the LED lights in your home is an option but there are also LED light strips that are small and can be used to line the inside or outside of a sign. Relatively inexpensive, a business sign that has high-quality lighting from places like Lightbox Shop can often last for a decade or more before lights would need to be replaced. By going online, you can get plenty of ideas about how LED lighting is used for business signs. You could also attempt to make your own, if you are familiar with soldering and basic DIY work. Depending on the type of lighting you want, you may want to get white light or light with a yellow hue. Some LED strips that you can get at Walmart or IKEA even have ways to change the colors of the light strips. Most people that use LED light strips have some sort of timer to turn on the lights. That way the lights are only on when you want them on. Both LED strips and LED bulbs have options for Bluetooth interaction through an app on your phone. This type of interaction enables you to easily program it to filter through colors, turn on at specific times of the day, or even more complicated things like light up when a motion detector is triggered.

Digital Lighting

Should you desire a sign that allows you to use lighting that is computer-controlled, can change colors, and still offer you plenty of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, consider digital lighting. Using a combination of flashing and moving lights, your business can have digital lighting for signs that will look like miniature billboards. If you need signs that can update customers on weekly specials or other information, consider digital lighting. This digital lighting can be as complicated as custom artwork or as easy to work with as a computer monitor. When considering this type of lighting, consider what type of weather and environment the sign will be in. If you plan on using digital lighting like that of a computer monitor, you will want some sort of way to encase it so it is protected from wind and thunderstorms if it is outside or a way of mounting it on the inside of your store-front window. There are signs that are built to function like a computer monitor but are of different sizes and shapes. These are all things to consider when looking into digital lighting.

Simple Lighting

For many business owners, using what is referred to as simple lighting may be just what they need. If this sounds appealing to you, you’re in good company, since big corporations such as GE are well-known for using simple lighting for their signage. Usually used to light a sign from behind, it can also be used for front-lit signs.

Due to the array of lighting options available for today’s modern business signs, you’ve got plenty of work ahead of you when making your decision. Whether you decide to go with neon lighting for a taste of nostalgia or instead opt for a more modern look by using LED or digital lighting, you can soon have a business sign that showcases your company, impresses your customers, and will be reliable and cost-effective in the years ahead.