That Can Help Save Families Money

Household budgets are getting tighter by the day, making most parents cut back on luxuries. It may be that they have to decide to not splurge on expensive items to keep up with what other people are buying.

Parents in this situation will look at ways to reduce spending while also ensuring their children have what they need. It is through this effort of trying to save a few dollars that most parents are now embracing the practice of hand-me-downs.

Below are five hand-me-downs that can help save families money:

Children car seat

Expectant parents can fall in the trap of wanting to overspend on their new little bundle of joy on maybe things like clothes and essentials such as a children’s car seat

But the question is, should new parents splurge on new items for their firstborn and look to save on the second born?

Choosing to go for hand-me-downs is one of the best ways to save and take care of your children. When buying a car seat for your firstborn, make sure it is good quality so it can be passed down to other children.

A baby car seat will cost you anywhere from $150 to probably around $500. Now, imagine having to buy a car seat for each child. Buying one quality car seat and passing it down to all the other children will save you money in the long run.

Children Clothes

Hand-me-down clothing is one of the most sustainable practices that parents should embrace if they want to save money. Besides helping you survive on a tight budget, the art of hand-me-down goes a long way to teach children not to be wasteful.

Children grow fast and often outgrow their clothes before they wear out. So what do you do with such garments? The best thing to do is hand them down to another parent with slightly smaller children. 

This is such a huge saving, I know from personal experience. It is such a delight handing on clothes the kids have outgrown off to other parents and then receiving clothes from other families for my kids to wear.

Expensive kid’s toys

Children’s toys, such as bicycles, are a bit pricey. Buying a new bike for your children at every stage in their growth can be a little draining financially. 

Hand-me-down toys come with various benefits. Firstly, you will be doing an excellent job of keeping things out of the landfills, which is an environmental benefit. 

Secondly, your children will learn the skill of giving and sharing. 

Thirdly, you will save money, which you can put towards better things, such as your children’s college education.

Blankets and bedding

Bedding such as blankets, sheets, and mattresses can feel like they are a little bit too personal to fit in the hand-me-down list. Well, where else will you take a used mattress if not pass it down within your family? 

Landfills might not want them, and you will barely find anyone willing to buy a used mattress or any other bedding for that matter.

For instance, a teenager will no longer fit in the same bed, mattress, and sheets they use to sleep in while three years old. Passing them down to another child in the family would be an economical solution compared to throwing them away or reselling them.

Kids furniture

Hand-me-down furniture is a perfect solution for furnishing your children’s rooms on a budget. Furniture is potentially a massive expense that you cannot afford to splurge on with every child. 

Other than saving money, hand-me-down furniture is an excellent way of recycling old furniture to reduce consumption and waste.

Not to forget, passing down your children’s furniture is a great way of surrounding your home with fond memories. 

For instance, your child sleeping in a bed that was initially owned by their bigger brother. You will always picture your other children in that bed and be fascinated by how time flies.