All of us have a dream of owning a robot that takes care of everyday tasks. This is why robot lawn mower would sound so appealing, no doubt. We would just love to take sips on some cold drink when our very own robot goes around cutting the grass on our lawns.

What’s more, we might just name the robot something like Ralph. It does sound cool actually. We do have robots all around us in limited shapes and forms, though none of us considers washing machines and refrigerators to be robotic, but they are. They perform manual labors which were done by human efforts before.

In case you are thinking over whether to gather more information on robotic or remotely controlled lawn mower, then you have landed in the right place. Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons in order to assist you to decide if you should take the shot on some automated lawn mower or stay with your old school traditional lawn mowers.

Advantages of Robotic Mower:

In theory, the advantages of a robot lawn mower will be quite a few. You could do extra tasks around your yard putting you mower at work as it goes around mowing the lawn automatically. You could even loosen up while it does the work for you.

If you dislike the dust and clips flying while mowing, then you would no longer need to face all that mess. This is because you could remain indoors when your lawn is being mowed by the robot. This would be a huge advantage for people who have allergy issues.

One other positive side for these little machines would be that these are primarily electrical. Therefore, you would not have to deal with the mess of oil and gas either. The major selling factor for this is the saving of time of some remote mower. Well, we really are all extremely busy and every instance of any saved time would be some great help in today’s quick paced world.

5 Reasons You Should Not Buy A Robot Lawn Mower - Top Lawn Mowers Reviews

Five Disadvantages of Robotic Mower:

Now, let’s talk about the five disadvantages which might burst your bubble. Well, we don’t like to do this to you because we realize that you have made plans for long naps to replace your physical efforts at the back of that push mower.

  • The major downside that we have discovered with the robot lawn mowers would be installing its perimeter guide wire. The very wire will keep this mower on the right path and then within the appropriate area which needs mowing. Some people are bound to imagine that they would just get the remote lawn mower from the shop, reach home and flip on its switch. Immediately, the mower will be ready to go. It does not work like that. They would need to place the perimeter wire very cautiously around the lawn in order to set the mower’s distinct area. Otherwise, the machine is just going to run away and never return to its humble abode ever again. This wire would be an undetectable fence which sends out some electrical signal toward the robot mower in order to have it put on and as your property. A lot of reviews suggest that it takes more than few hours to install the wire, so you better keep up.
  • Other drawback to this remote controlled lawn mower would be its heavy price tag. Goods which are standing on the cutting rim of technology, yet not a mainstream take some time to turn into a reasonably priced product. If you can afford to spend a huge stack of money, it would be not an issue. However, for most of the average lawn owners, price would always be a top notch concern, so think a bit.
  • If you face any kind of problem with the traditional mower, you could easily find anybody to mend it and make it as good as new. We have never seen any ads for a robotic lawn mower repair person or specialist, and we doubt that you have not either. Support from most of the work and fly by night makers of these automated mowers is greatly lacking as well, according to countless reviews and reports we have here.
  • The battery longevity could never be too great on most of the automatic lawn mowers online either. There are random patterns with their mowing which make them a lot less competent than they should be which would mean more recharging than usual. These are capable of heading to their own recharge stations by themselves. However, there always is the opportunity of some obstacle present on their path. You need to keep the lawn clean of all these obstacles at all times, particularly the way of the mower to its recharge station.
  • Last of all, if you own pets or have small kids in the house, these cute mowers could be a really tempting sight for them. Kids might try to have fun with the mower and that could be dangerous for them, keep that in mind. The same thing is true for your pets like cats, dogs, birds and turtles.

Experts Advice –

Some advice for you as recommendation on buying some robotic lawn mower, we would tell you no. These mowers are not ready or on their prime time as of yet. They are cool, no doubt about that. They also have a mountain of promise.

As their prices decline and the technology they pack improves, these have the capacity to become popular mowers in the future intended for little patches of grass. However, for now, we advise you to stay your ground and do your mowing by yourself with best lawn mower 2018. For the simple and average customer, the automated lawn mowers would be much too limited in regard of their capacities.

Now, we have a few questions for you. Do you already own a robot lawn mower and would you say that you’re happy and satisfied with your device? On the contrary, would you say that your procurement was just a waste of your money? Please feel free if you want to share your own experience with us and help others make their decisions.

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