It’s common to hear people say how unsatisfied they are when using Siri. “She never gets anything right,” “she doesn’t understand what I am saying,” and basically, “she’s useless.” Well with the release of the iPhone 6S, there have been some major improvements to Siri. If you weren’t using her before, you definitely should be now.

5 Siri Hacks You Thought You Could Live Without

These Siri shortcuts are bound to save you time and you’ll be happy to know that she makes minimal errors with these commands.

1. Learn this command first, “Open…”. Any time you wish to open an app, but unlocking your iPhone and searching through the pages is just too time consuming, use this command with Siri and she will do all the work for you.

2. Don’t bother yourself with scrolling through for the correct time to set your alarm. Just say “Set my alarm to…” and your wish is Siri’s command.

3. Place a call with Siri. Say “Call…” and Siri will place the call for you without having to make the effort yourself.

4. Telling Siri to “Read my new messages.” Is perfect for when you are driving. If you hear a message come in, ask Siri to read it for you so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

5. Reminders. Telling Siri to remind you to do something is a great way to keep track of tasks. A remind entry form appears, showing the alarm that Siri has created and it’ll pop up with you get home. Your phone runs on GPS and according to your contacts or locations that you’ve been multiple times, your iPhone knows where your “home” is or “work” or “school”.

Since the improvement of Siri with the iPhone 6S, she is now more capable of understanding your commands, giving you just what you are looking for. Don’t make the effort of scrolling through countless apps or taking your time to create multiple alarms or reminders, Siri can do it for you.

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