Many of thinks we are good and in healthy condition, even though we look dizzy and non-active. Our body exhibits some symptoms when our health condition is not in condition, we have to analyze the things that our expresses and have to take appropriate steps to take care of our body. Sometimes you may not be able to identify symptoms, like to continue your work, but it makes you more sick and ill. Some of our body parts show the condition of our health status. If it is minor illness, then it can be defended by our human body immune system. However, for preventing much more illness, it is better to understand the symptoms exhibited by the human body when we are sick. It also helps us to prevent from its spread.


Normally for a good healthy person the eyes will be in pure white colour, but when the person falls ill then the colour of eye will change. It turns yellowish or exhibits reddish colour as the nerves in the eyeball can appear in dark red colour. The nerves in the eyeball will appear reddish-to-reddish white according to your health condition; sometimes with dust inside the eye also can be given this effect.

Urine Colour

Are you daily checking urine colour while you are urinating? It is not silly to do it. The colour of urine also exhibits your health condition. Generally, good healthy person’s urine will be pale white color. When person not getting enough fluid into the body the urine colour will change according to the fluid supply level, mostly dark yellow to pale yellow and pale white. If the colour of urine in near dark yellow or yellow you are in dehydrated state, so we have to supply a good amount of fluid like water, juices into our body.

5 Symptoms That Says You Are Ill

Urine Odour

Normally the urine does not give any odor, but when you are dehydrated i.e lost more fluids from your body or not containing enough fluids in your body than the urine give some weird and bad smell. If the odor of urine is worse then it is an emergency you have to consult the doctor and find out what is cause for it.

Body Temperature

When you roam under high sun’s heat, there is a chance of dehydration. Checking your body temperature also important task, the body temperature should be normal for a healthy person, if any person is sick, then there will be a change in their body temperatures. Maintaining a fluid level in our body can prevent us from high body temperatures and fevers. High temperatures are symptoms of high fever, which may be further developed into any serious illness

Dizziness and Headache Feel

It is another symptom our body exhibits when we are not in good status; we show some sick feel our actions. We feel dizzy, become so dull and unable to feel active to do any task. It feels like we are under some depression, headache and unable to concentrate on anything. Sometimes sudden sick gives headache feel to us, which is a symptom of sickness.

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