In today’s world, where divorces have become a very common factor in people’s lives, celebrating anniversaries together with your family and friends definitely matters a lot. In the words of the great career counsellor and coach Susan Speetzen, “Being married a long time is a source of pride in today’s world of high divorce rates”.“Of course being married 30+ years call for a bigger celebration than the first few years.” You should celebrate every of your anniversary in a cherished and romantic way so that you can gather sweet memories every year while growing old together.

I have brought a few gift ideas for your wedding anniversary to celebrate in an exciting way. I have gathered these from my surveys on how people like to celebrate their anniversaries together. Hope these will help you to get an exclusive idea for you. Here we start:

Get a Large Family Portrait Done

Anniversaries are to celebrate togetherness and to accumulate some memories. There is no better way to make a portrait together with your family members. This year sit together with your dear ones, hire an artist and frame your moments as the memory of lifetime.

5 Things People Would Like To Do On Their Anniversaries

Get a Family Trip

However, it sounds romantic to have a trip with your spouse alone. But if you go on a vacation with your parents, children and other family members, especially on the occasion of your anniversary, it can be more fun. My best friend is 10+ years married, and she told me her experience of family trip on their last anniversary, it was ‘terrific’ in her words! You can do any joyous thing together with your family to make this day memorable.

Enjoy Together

If you stay away from other family members, you can plan some special moments together. You can have dinner together in a great restaurant, just two of you! Watch movie together, share some past family-time memories, or you can watch your wedding video together! You can also plan for purchasing something that you two will like and enjoy together.

5 Things People Would Like To Do On Their Anniversaries

Take a Cruise

Yes, you heard it right! Most possibly, whenever you plan for an outing or a weekend trip, you visit lands. Enjoy the water tour together this year. Take a cruise and lavishly celebrate your anniversary day there. Trust me; it will be the most unforgettable memory ever in your lives.

5 Things People Would Like To Do On Their Anniversaries

Arrange Some Family Program

Except going to watch movies or some shows outside, you can get your own family time at home itself! Play a theatre at home with all the family members, have a great dinner together with the homemade foods and spend the night together under the sky playing dumb charade and all.

If you want to present some exclusive happy anniversary gifts to your favorite couple, the above ideas can help you a lot. You will not require a single penny to present them some excitement!


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