People have been doing greatest thing morning that is brushing their teeth. It has been habituated by all of us from our childhood days; different people have different methods for brushing their teeth. Even if it is good habit, there are something’s you must consider while brushing your teeth. Mostly we simply do the brushing in a quick and easy manner. It is suggested by most of the dentist to do the brushing in an appropriate way and it is necessary to do it, otherwise in a long term we are going to face the dental issues.

Brush Status

The brush which we use to brush the teeth should be in a good condition, which can help to clean the teeth perfectly. The bristle on the head of the brush should be kept clean always because it is main thing that goes into our mouth to clean our teeth. So we must concentrate to keep the head part of the brush very clean. After using the brush for some time the stains and dirt particles form as a layer on the brush, this must taken out from the brush to keep it very clean.

mother and child daughter brushing teeth in bathroom

Brush Quality

It is not only the tooth paste that keeps the teeth healthy we must also use a standard quality tooth brush. As we use the quality brush then the result of the brushing also gives a good outcome. The standard brushes will come with some specific teeth cleaning support design and material. These are manufacture and sale by some standard companies which applied scientific approach in designing the tooth brush. Mostly low quality brush are highly available in markets which cant clean the teeth and it will lost the quality in few days.

Spend Little Time

If you are busy person spend at least 5-8 minutes of time in cleaning your teeth. Some people will brush only for 1 or 2 minutes and thinks that’s enough and their teeth are ok now but in longer durations this is going cause you some trouble. After eating the food some food particles will remain in the gaps of your teeth, these will destroy your teeth in longer periods. So it is a good habit to spend few quality minutes to brush your teeth properly.

Not Harsh!

It is bad belief that so many people having their minds, brushing with pushing force will work on the teeth, but in fact if you apply force to clean your teeth they will get damage, the layers under the teeth will be disturbed with the force you applied and some weak spots may bleeds. It is also not recommended to rub your teeth very gently. You should brush with gentle force which can remove dirt and food particles out from the teeth.


Brushing in only one direction will not eliminate all the dirt from your teeth. It is highly recommended by the most of doctors to do the brushing in all possible directions and corners to eliminate the food particles. The gaps may also contain the food items, seeds, peels and any other food related particles so cleaning the gaps using the brush in an brushing in some specific angles is recommended.

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