5 Tips On Creating A Cosy Space

The winter months are drawing in and the weather is getting much colder outside. People are not wanting to go outside as much and would rather curl up and watch tv or read a good book. If you have a cold or bare living room, then this is not ideal for snuggling in for the evening unless you have your heaters on. In this article, we will go through some simple ways in which you can make your living room more cosy and homely ready for the festive season.

Keep The Heat In

First things first, as we said, there is nothing worse than having a cold room when all you want to do is snuggle up. The winter months are cold so it is essential to make sure that your living room is well insulated before the winter starts. First, the windows will be your biggest issue for heat loss. If your windows are letting in a draft or are not fitted properly then it is worth investing in some new double or triple glazed windows to keep the heat in, reduce draughts, reduce the amount of condensation on the window sill and will also save you some money on your heating bills. 

Another way you can help keep the heat in and regulated throughout the home is to have individual thermostats on each radiator so you can adjust accordingly. This will also save you money on heating bills.

Create A Bold Palette

Rich colours and deep colours give the impression of warmth and this is exactly what you want for a cosy room. Colours such as navy blue and deep teal both work well for this and even look fantastic together. To make it look that little bit extra, contrast furnishing with bold colours like mustard or plum colours. Wood furnishing is also a great option as they absorb heat and look natural. 

If you are after bold colours then you can look at burnt oranges, maroon, deep reds, earth tones, yellows and greens as these all give the impression of warmth and wealth. This isn’t for everyone but it is always nice having a fresh lick of paint for each season and reflecting this with what it is. Combining different textures, colours, patterns and different layouts will keep your room fresh every season.

Cast Some Light

Setting the mood is what everyone is after. Whether it is for a movie, snuggling up with your family or even reading a book. The ambience is everything and if you can’t have any in your home, where can you! This is pretty simple to do, you just need low lighting from table lamps and wall lights to dimmable spotlights, they all create different effects. The best tip for this is the more yellow the light, the cosier you will be. If you have a specifically dark corner, a table lamp works fantastic for these areas, just remember to keep with the warm yellow theme.

Layer With Textures

This is one of the best ways to make your living room more cosey and homely. It’s all about the eclectic boho themes. This doesn’t mean you have to go all hippy but boho is a beautiful style as it is all about natural colours, patterns and textures to create a sustainable theme. By adding more throws, rugs, pillows and natural materials within your room you will be able to set the scene perfectly.

Remember, homely means that you need some personal touches or some family comforts so adding some photos or ornaments will do the trick. There are many fantastic places where you can have some fun exploring new decor and if you want something more unique then you 3D portraits to the scene.

Update Your Curtains

If you have just followed the following steps, then chances are that you won’t have any curtains or blinds that match your new room. Well, not it’s time to decorate your windows. Firstly, think about whether you want blinds, curtains or both. If you opt for both, you will reduce any drafts and will also add to the effect. 

The best tip for this though is to go with the room and make sure the blinds look good with the curtain texture and colour. For best results, it is worth getting blackout blinds as they keep out the light, draft, and also will give a better effect to the warm yellow lights throughout the room. Make sure they are well insulated and have them in other bold colours to match the room.

As you can see there are many different ways in which you can make your living room much more homely and cosey. It’s all about lowering the tones and making everything effective with one another. Have a think outside the box for more innovative ideas.