5 Types Of Post Hole Diggers To Know Before Hiring One

Post hole diggers are used mainly to dig holes for erecting poles and fences. They are used greatly to dig small holes quickly and easily break into a den pipe. Anything you want to fix into the ground, be it a mailbox, a fence, a clothesline, a flag post, a street light, street sign, or any such thing, you first need a post hole digger to dig a hole. When you want to dig a hole for any kind of application, you need to decide which type of post hole digger hire you should choose. There are several post hole digger hire types and if you are clear about each type and its uses. Here is list of all the types post hole diggers.

5 Types Of Post Hole Diggers To Know Before Hiring One

With this List, You Can Easily Pick the Right One for Your Job:

#1 Traditional Post Hole Diggers:

If you want a heavy duty post hole digger, this is the best choice for you. This post hole digger has the capability to dig any type of hole for any needed pole. The holes dug by this pole digger last long and are well-defined. It has strong hefty blades and is extremely durably. Such a pole hole digger can dig into even extremely hard rock soils. These traditional pole hole diggers are made of wood or fiberglass that give it the strength it requires. The blades are extremely thick and sharp to handle any level of soil hardness.

#2 Split Handles Post Hole Diggers:

The handle of this post hole digger is split handled and had the handles welded to the frame itself instead of being attached using rivets. This kind of construction is where it got its name from. The objective of such a construction is that it prevents the blades from shearing off when they come in contact with rock beneath the surface. It is made with stamped or shaped sheet which is not as strong as the cast steel that is used in traditional post hole diggers.

#3 All-metal Type Post Hole Diggers:

These are till date the strongest of all the post hole diggers. As the complete construction is made with metal, the strength and ease of work is noticeable. Though most people still prefer traditional ones still due to the wooden handles. The benefits of this type over the traditional type are few. But the price of all-metal type post hole digger hire is higher and there being not much variations in applications, people generally go for traditional ones.

#4 Boston Post Hole Diggers:

When you need to drill holes in stony or rocky earth, this is the type you should pick. It is designed to drive down directly and collect the part of the earth to be dug out and pull it out. The working is a lot more complicated than the traditional post hole digger due to the type of hard surfaces it handles. It has many more moving parts and has a lot more engineering than just a level functionality. But with so many joints and moving parts, the possibility of malfunctions also go up.

#5 Hole Deal Post Hole Digger:

This is a recently introduced by an American company and has become really popular. It is so made that the user needs to apply lesser efforts and complete the task of hole digging easily. This eases the work a lot and that is the reason for its popularity. It has a hinged leverage point that enables the user to do a task with less force. As it is so advanced, hiring it is comparatively expensive too.

These are the 5 types of post hole digger hire that you can choose from for the completion of your post hole digging task.


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