5 Water Supplement Foods You Should Know

It is necessary for us to maintain a certain amount of water and liquid level in our body, to help us to not to get de-hydrated. It is suggested and practiced by many elders and known people around us. Still, there are few people who don’t like consume the water, according our elders, we should drink at least a minimum of 8 normal sized glasses of water. People find its like uncomfortable task to do, but it is necessary to maintain such good levels of water in our body to be fit and healthy. No other drinks can do the job better than water does to our bodies, it is still very essential task to drink the water and to stay healthy. For those who doesn’t want to drink water and get irritated with a task you can switch that task by consuming the foods, which can supply the liquidity your body. These foods contain liquid minerals and helps to stay hydrated for a certain period of time, instating of thinking about the drinking task you can switch this eating idea. So!! Now let’s check what are food option we have to check in.


Cucumber on a white background

This is a very popular one, everyone know about these veggies. Its popular veggie that is used to eat directly and used in many beauty and applications products. Cucumber contains almost 97% liquid content, eating this will helps you to supply the liquid and other minerals. Teens will love to eat because it will reduce heat in your body and controls the temperatures. You can also use this cucumber pieces in salads to add little flavor while eating. For those who hate drinking task, it top choice to eat and it is available from anywhere at affordable prices.


5 Water Supplement Foods You Should Know

Most of us will doesn’t know we add tomatoes in dishes, may think it will add juiciness and taste to it. Yes! But its partially perfect, but the truth is, when you add the tomatoes it will produce out the most liquids from it and adds them all to the curry. It will generate juices in the curry, the thing is it is a form of liquid. We can also use the sliced and diced tomato pieces in our soups and salads. It’s another good liquid supplier with taste and minerals. It contains almost 95% water content.


5 Water Supplement Foods You Should Know3

When you hate plain water without any taste, best another option for drinking is coconut. It is purest water supplement that can’t be replaced by any other items. Coconut contains 94% water inside it, which taste absolutely soothing to your tongue. It contains electrolytes, hormones, enzymes and other minerals. Patients and ill people who don’t feel good drink the water will definitely take this as the water replacement.


5 Water Supplement Foods You Should Know4

Spinach is another kind of supplements which helps not only supplying the liquid, but proteins, fibers and other vitamins. It contains 92% of liquid content in it, it is better to have in the dishes or salads. Other benefits of the improves the eye conditions and gives us lutein, potassium, fiber and brain boosting folate.

Water Melon

5 Water Supplement Foods You Should Know

We have to say it is the best one in the list because of the beautiful appearance of the fruit when you cut into pieces and taste it gives from its juice. The watermelon will be loved by anyone. Children will eat the melon with enthusiasm because it melts immediately when you bite it. Watermelon contains 92% water content with high fiber ratios. It will supplement other minerals and proteins to our body and keeps us fit in summer times.