In a lot of cultures across the world, the Cannabis trees and its various components are used in making traditional medicines. The important components are hemp leaves, hemp flowers, hemp seeds and hemp oils. Besides these, CBD oil is also derived from the hemp tree which finds a lot of usages. 

Both marijuana and hemp are derived from Cannabis. Cannabis has two varieties that are differentiated on the basis of the quantum of the infamous Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If the THC percentage is more than 0.3%, then  it is called marijuana. However, if it is lower than 0.3%, then it is classified as hemp. Unlike marijuana, hemp is not a psychoactive product and is also non-intoxicating and non-addictive. Infact, hemp with its host of medicinal properties is an ideal candidate for in depth research.  

One of the most important parts of a hemp plant is the hemp flowers. Since they are extremely low on THC, they are often smoked too. Let us understand the key benefits that one can get by smoking premium hemp flowers:

  1. Relaxant & mood-enhancer: Life is getting stressful by every passing day. The stress levels are leading to a lot of physical and mental ailments. Consumption of organic hemp flowers or its products can lead to a drastic reduction of stress levels. Unlike marijuana, hemp flowers are non-addictive, non-intoxicating and never let you go blank. This is one of the most crucial properties of hemp flowers that unlike marijuana its frequent consumption does not lead to any damaging ill-effects. 
  2. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic: As a plant, Cannabis is highly analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. Even small doses have been found to do wonders by alleviating pain in chronic patients. However, with its high levels of THC marijuana is highly intoxicating and addictive thus defeating the very purpose of consuming Cannabis. But, when you consume hemp flowers in any form, you get the benefit of not having consumed THC. This not only helps in better pain management, but also remaining free from addiction and the  extreme damages it causes to the human nervous system. This is one area where a lot of research is expected. 
  3. Anxiolytic: For patients who are already struggling with anxiety or depression issues, it is recommended that they avoid taking any psychotropic drug in any form. However, for such patients, consumption of hemp flowers is highly beneficial. The low THC content is what does the trick for such patients.  When consumed in any form, these flowers are known to improve the levels of self-confidence and self-esteem in such patients. These are the two most important things that are missing in such patients. Small doses of hemp flowers consumed in any form go a long way in helping rebuild the lives of such patients without forming any addiction or any habit. 
  4. Aids in de-addiction: In most cases, an addict consumes a particular product because of the high s/he gets out of it. For instance, regular tobacco cigarettes have a highly addictive substance named ‘Nicotine’ which is habit forming. Fortunately hemp flowers are free of such habit forming substances like nicotine and also have an added advantage of being low on THC (<0.3%). This means that the craving of cigarettes or for that matter any other addictive substance can be managed better through hemp flowers. As the craving levels fall, the urge to smoke or consume the addictive substance  also starts to fall drastically. This not only encourages the person to kick out the addiction and lead a normal healthy life but also does not lead to the rise of a new addiction – of hemp flowers itself. 
  5. Other benefits: Hemp flowers are multifaceted in nature. Besides the above mentioned ailments, they also help in better management of epilepsy, glaucoma, insomnia, improving appetite and better body weight management, muscle spasm and mental degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease.  

We at Zaad Botanicals are no medical experts. The above observations were reported by a host of hemp flower consumers across the world. However there is still a lot of clinical and scientific research  that needs to be done in this promising field before summarily accepting them or rejecting them. Also, in some individuals the results may vary based on their physical and mental conditions. 

However we are confident of one thing. The next time you wish to try out hemp flowers to address any of the above issues, then we have the right product for you. Be it purity, quality or potency, our products are certified by third party labs thus giving you the confidence of their effectiveness. 

So, just go ahead and try out an out-of-the-box solution for your problem. You will be left wondering why did you not try out this solution earlier! 

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