5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs

We’re well on the way to winter now, which means that it might be time to refresh your wardrobe. With sustainability on everyone’s minds, we’re all about finding winter wardrobe essentials that won’t go out of style, so you can wear them year after year! From a borg coat to wide-leg jeans and black chunky boots, all of these items can be mixed and matched to create an array of gorgeous winter outfits. 

Borg Coat

The first essential on our list is a big, cosy borg coat. When looking for a borg coat, make sure that you go up a size, so you can layer it beautifully with lots of cosy things. White or nude are the classic borg colours, although black is beautiful also. The beauty of a borg jacket is that it can literally be styled with anything! From silky midi-dresses to leather trousers and a crop top, comfy joggers, jumper dresses or jeans, you will never find yourself stuck for a coat to go with your outfit. These are also a great fashion trend for men

This is a great choice because you can find an option no matter your budget. Look no further, because this is your first winter essential! 

Oversized Turtleneck Jumper

Next up, we can’t go into the winter months without an oversized turtleneck jumper. With one of these in your wardrobe, you will never find yourself stuck for something to wear. You can pair it with jeans or thick tights/leggings and straight away, your outfit will look effortlessly stylish and really well put together. 

For an absolutely timeless choice, go with a nude, white, black or grey turtleneck jumper. This way, you know that colour isn’t going to go out of style. Otherwise, going in your favourite colour is a pretty safe choice too! 

Blue Wide Leg Jeans

Now moving onto the bottoms, it’s blue wide-leg jeans! Although skinny jeans have been in fashion for the last few years, wide-leg jeans have always been very popular too and have certainly stood the test of time. Again, this is a classic piece that can be paired with so many different things, including the borg coat and the oversized turtleneck jumper! 

With skinny jeans, it is almost impossible to layer anything underneath them. With wide-leg jeans, you can easily wear leggings or tights underneath the jeans to keep warm for nights out at the winter markets without having to compromise on style! This super simple piece will be an absolute wardrobe classic. 

Leather Blazer

Our next choice and a piece that can be worn with everything above is a leather blazer. With this one, go with black, as this is undeniably timeless and super sophisticated. Wear with your wide-leg jeans and the oversized turtleneck jumper mentioned above or go for something dressier with a white blouse and gorgeous black leather shorts. Then, wear tights and black chunky boots (our next essential) for a cosy yet sophisticated outfit that will get heads turning for all of the right reasons! 

Our favourite black leather blazer is from Foolish Clothing, a stunning new brand that designs pieces that are meant to be worn and loved for years to come. This is very much in line with our ethos! 

Black Chunky Boots

Last but not least, we have black chunky boots. As with all our other staples, these black chunky boots can be paired with literally anything in your wardrobe, from more casual options to super dressy. You could go for either heeled boots or more flat ones, depending on your preference. You could even invest in a pair of both as you will certainly make use of them, saving the flat ones for work and days out and the heeled ones for evenings! 

You could go for suede, but faux leather is the most sensible choice. This is the more ethical choice and they will last way longer than suede or fabric alternatives. Once a year, just run over them with shoe polish and they will look brand new! 

Final Thoughts

These are all beautiful winter essentials that you will fall in love with and you will find yourself reaching for them year after year! Stay cosy this winter without having to compromise on style.