These days, it’s practically impossible for almost any business to get by without having some kind of file and data-sharing system in place. Some have their own on-site networks and storage systems, some choose free cloud storage and others put their trust in virtual data rooms – all of which come with their unique pros and cons. However, with each passing week, month and year it tends to be the VDR option that’s gathering the most steam by way of popularity among leading businesses, but what is it about the virtual data room that makes it so superior?

Well, according to the experts at ProjectFusion the answer really depends on which VDR service you choose to look after your files and data. However, make the right choice and there are so many incredible arguments for making the switch away from current data storage and sharing systems – the following six being perhaps the most convincing of all:

1 – Huge Savings

First of all, the costs associated with setting up a physical on-site data storage and sharing system can be extraordinary. Not only does this kind of equipment not come cheap, but it also needs to be given enough space in which to be housed and provided with regular maintenance and long-term monitoring. You could outsource this to a third-party provider or have a team of on-site experts on hand to watch over things – either way, it’s going to be pricey. With a VDR by contrast, a low monthly subscription fee provides the business with the off-site hardware, expertise and round-the-clock monitoring it would otherwise have to pay a small fortune for – perfect for smaller and larger businesses alike.

6 Arguments For Switching To A Virtual Data Room

2 – Full Flexibility

When a business is of a smaller or newer nature in particular, chances are it will go through periods in which growth or even contraction happen rather rapidly. As such, it really doesn’t make good business sense to invest in on-site storage and file-sharing systems that may need to be upgraded, scaled-down or in any way modified in a big way in the very near future, as doing so could lead to unnecessary expense or wasted money. With a solid VDR provided by the best in the business, it’s possible to make immediate and limitless changes to any and all packages taken out, ensuring that the needs of the business are met at all times no matter what happens.

3 – Outstanding Security

For those who favour the standard cloud storage solution instead of on-site data storage systems, the immediate bonus is of course the cost – or indeed, the lack thereof. It’s always great to be offered a useful business service for free, but it’s worth bearing in mind that these free cloud storage and sharing systems also tend to be extremely limited when it comes to data security. It simply is not recommended that any important or sensitive data be stored on a cloud storage system unless robust security is offered 24 hours a day – something that comes as standard only with a strong VDR brand.

4 – Convenience

In terms of convenience, the way in which a leading VDR can revolutionise the way a business operates really is something else. The vast majority of cloud systems and the like may offer the convenience of a simple navigation system and mobile device synchronisation, but when it comes to a leading VDR it’s a case of having every last shred of information that could ever be needed right there at your fingertips. Whatever you need, whenever you need it and no matter where you are, it’s right there and can be accessed in 100% confidence – pretty fantastic for any business with heavy data reliance.

5 – Hierarchical Data Access and Tracking

If your business has multiple employees in different departments and/or at different levels, it’s in your best interests to invest in a VDR which allows you to set up multiple levels of access rights to both restrict and track the activities of those accessing the stored data. When it comes to bolstering security, this really is an absolute must.

6 – Disaster Prevention

Last but not least, even the very best on-site data storage and file sharing systems cannot be compared to a robust VDR when it comes to disaster prevention and management. It’s one thing to have a backup in place, but with a good VDR that has its own world-class backup systems ready and waiting to step in, data can be considered 100% resistant to any and all imaginable eventualities across the board.