Caffeine has many health benefits, if you addicted to drink too much coffee, and that can be harmful to your body. According to the study of University in Melbourne, The combination of caffeine and stress affect the likelihood of an individual experiencing a psychosis-like symptom.” caffeine consumption may cause headaches, inability to concentrate, dizziness, decreased physical and intellectual efficiency. Moderate dose of caffeine is around 200-300 mg / day, equivalent to two – four cups of coffee. However, there are people more sensitive to caffeine than others, and this sensitivity people may become evident even after intake a small amount of caffeine (a cup of coffee / tea). This happens in people who are not used to consume drinks that contain this substance.

Here are signs of Excess Coffee


Caffeine overload can lead to insomnia; clearly, insomnia is a sign of excessive consumption of coffee. Insomnia may interrupt your deep sleep; you need to be reducing your caffeine intake that may increase the quantity of your sleep: Avoid products including coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate 4 hours before bedtime.


Restlessness is a result of a combination of stress, concern and even excessive consumption of coffee. If you are in a difficult period in which you deal with negative emotions and stress, it would be better to reduce consumption of coffee or decaffeinated coffee to drink.

6 Signs Of Excess Coffee

Stomach Ulcers

Overload caffeine increases the problems of gastric, It is passed into the small intestine more rapidly than normal, causing injury or highly acidic contents of the stomach can lead to ulcers.

Stay Out of Power Afternoon

If this happens to you, it is possible to be addicted to caffeine. If you start to energize morning, the liquid will keep you in shape for a while, Then it will have the opposite effect, making you feel extremely tired. Stick to one cup in the morning.

Urine in Orange Color

Orange urine can also be a warning for excessive coffee consumption. Specifically, the coffee is a liquid that you dehydrate the body and which, therefore, causes certain symptoms including urine discoloration.

Increased Heart Rate

Cardiologists recommend coffee consumption patients, but only in small quantities. Coffee is acting like little electroshock on the heart and increases its activity. If you have heart problems would be much better to drink the cup of coffee a day. In case you don’t know whether or not you have heart problems it is recommended to go and you can make a set of tests. Thus, you can prevent a number of problems that may worsen with each passing day.

Here are some side effects of overload caffeine

  • Headaches;
  • Irritability;
  • Indigestion;
  • Dehydration;
  • Trouble concentrating;
  • Palpitations and cardiac arrhythmias;

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