7 Effective Techniques To Overcome Your Nervousness

Nervousness is the enemy of many people in the world of work. That said, this is not inevitable and there are many ways to overcome this temporary stress. Nervousness by itself is not considered a serious problem. Sometimes the negative association, we have with being nervous can actually prevent us from raising ourselves to new levels. Here are 7 smart tips to successfully dominate your anxiety. Breathe, it’s almost the key!

Speak Slowly

When we are nervous, we often tend to speak faster than normal. If you can reduce your rate of speech you’ll hide your nervousness and your speech more agreeable. Don’t be afraid to speak slowly: even if you have the impression of being far too slow, there is a good chance that your audience doesn’t hear it that way. Finally, you better be sure of being understood by speaking more slowly than to finish his speech by leaving your audience to wonder what you have meant well.


In general, be nervous causes a malfunction of the respiratory rhythm: one begins to breathe hard and fast with the impression out of steam. The solution? Inhale deeply to regulate your breathing rate. Another plus: The breath also helps you relax.

7 Effective Techniques To Overcome Your Nervousness

Don’t Acknowledge Your Nervousness

One of the most important things for stress management is not to admit his nervousness (even if the latter is true). Admit it and you will lose all your means. Deny will prevent you not to be nervous, but facilitate the concealment of your state.


Nervousness is also reflected by muscle and physical reactions easily identifiable, So it is important to relax. Adopt a straight posture, without being too rigid, and make sure that your muscles are relaxed: no rough hands, In short, it relaxes, physically!

Don’t have a Shifty Look

Don’t look at your interviewer in the eye returns to shout loudly that you are in total panic! It is therefore important to maintain a certain eye contact rather than going through the whole piece look. That said, careful not to fall into the opposite extreme: fix your interviewer in the eye such a robot will not make you look like someone quietly confident, quite the contrary!


Keep in mind, Anxiety and stress can change the thought processes. So when you are nervous because you’re sleep deprived, you fear that you might have thought it was weird. It is possible to feel completely natural. Multiple nights in a row, you get more sleep and a full night’s rest and try to make sure to see if your fear is reduced.

Be Yourself

Don’t force yourself to be someone you are not. Be yourself and accept the fact that you probably will make mistakes; no one will take your complaint because everyone is human and that perfection does not exist. Similarly, don’t force a joke or a smile, let them do things and notify by time. If it seems appropriate to make a joke or if you feel the urge to smile, you will do it intuitively ;). Finally, keep in mind that there is nothing worse than a false one.

We have all the cards in hand to cover up our nervousness. At the office, the most stressed of the team took notes, although we are relatively relaxed people: How do you fight your biggest moments of stress?

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