7 Pro Tips To Consider Before Writing The Article

Writing is an art that has stood the test of time, over the ages. However, with the advent of the internet, writing took a whole new dimension. Lots of written articles are now being churned out on the internet at the speed of light, and each one of them is jostling over the attention of its target audience. Therefore, it is no longer enough to just put pen to paper, rather there are a lot of things to consider while doing so in order to effectively achieve its purpose. Below are the seven pro tips to be wary of, during the process of writing a given article. 

Audience Demand

One of the most critical prerequisites when writing an article is to first know your audience. What do they need to know? What ideas or messages would you pass across to them that would be valuable to them? We live in a fast-paced world where time is of essence and no one would want to waste it reading anything something that wouldn’t add value to them. Firstly, you will determine the type of audience you have; are they mostly young people or veterans and what sort of content generally appeal to them? Are they technology savvy, sports enthusiasts, politically inclined, fashion crazy, lifestyle etc. Once you’re able to decipher this, it becomes easier to create contents that will be line to the worldview and they will keep coming for me because you’re satisfying a particular need they are interested in.

Purpose of Writing

Next in line is to understand your own purpose of writing. What exactly do you aim to achieve directly or indirectly by writing the article? Come to think of it, it wouldn’t make much sense to just write articles and broadcast them without having a purpose behind it. Are you writing to create awareness, to educate people, to promote a product, to draw attention, for search engine optimization etc.? You must have a purpose you aim to achieve by writing any particular article otherwise it may amount to a waste of time and resources. 

Once your purpose is defined, you can then align your article to be in tandem with it. Ultimately, it becomes a win-win for you and your audience.

Context of the Article
7 Pro Tips To Consider Before Writing The Article

Having concluded on what your audience would find interesting and your own purpose as well, the next thing will be to ensure that none of them is neglected. Likewise, your article should be well defined in the sense that whatever message you’re trying to pass across is not muddled up by other secondary ideas.

Sometimes, when writing an article, there is always a risk of deviating from the primary motive or idea you originally set out to achieve. You should always endeavor to keep your article in context with the title and subtitles. When you’re trying to illustrate an example or to accommodate a secondary idea, you should make it as concise as possible and return to the basic motive of the article.

Maximize Resources

Remember that time and space is of essence. You may have a limited word count you can’t exceed, say 500 words, 800 words etc. Therefore, you have to be wary of that and avoid wasting it on irrelevant information or spending too much time emphasizing on a particular issue with lots of examples than is necessary. Similarly, do not forget that your audience also have other things needing their attention, so go straight to the point and keep them engaged with relevant information. One of the ways to maximize resources is by making use of essay supply.

Organise Concepts and Ideas

One of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged and coming for more is by organizing educative concepts. This can be in the form of quiz, games or other related ways that can virtually reward participants.

Also, you should try to follow trends at any point in time. Periods such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year celebration and other festivities, and make your articles to project such activities accordingly.

Media to Target

Another important factor to consider is the platform to use. Will you posting your articles through a third party platform or would you have your own dedicated site. If you’re going to use a third party, then you should consider the extent of their coverage as well as audience. In addition, is your niche compatible with the general view of the platform? Using a wrong platform can adversely affect the reach of your post.

Target Language

What is the lingua franca of your target audience? Granted that English has become a globally recognizable language, you also have to be sensitive to the language needs of your target audience. What language is popular among the majority of your audience? Is it English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, or Hindi etc.? For instance, if your target audience is mainly people in France, and you’re using English to communicate with them, you will end up losing a significant proportion of your target audience. Therefore, you should make sure that your language of communication is mutually intelligible with your audience. If you can’t write in the local language then you should consider using the services of a good translator.