8 Most Sought-After E-Learning Trends To Keep A Track On In 2017!

2017 is going to be pretty awesome in terms of e-learning. Here’s why:

8 Most Sought-After E-Learning Trends To Keep A Track On In 2017!

1.      Contextualized Learning

In contextualized learning microlearning and digital learning come together to address modern day learner’s need. Facilitators will design courses in such a manner that will be both interactive and engaging for the audience.

Unlike the boring online courses, Learning and Development world is switching from mere resource based learning to diverse methods of imparting education. This is only possible when thinking is shaped to develop modern design and acceptance for e-learning, come 2017.

2.      Two-Way Conversations

As we saw above that it is our thinking which needs to be upgraded in order to adapt to the changing dynamics of the e-learning. So in 2017, a trend of two-way conversation is on the rise. Why? It is because getting feedback from the customer is now easier than ever in real time.

While imparting a lesson, the facilitator can ask questions from users who have enrolled. The user can use ‘raise hand’ option to ask or seek clarification about the topic. Even, polls are created to gauge the efficacy of the course and in no time you will have the results stating if the audience found the content beneficial.

3.      Better Use Of Data

Data monitoring is essential in an e-learning environment. The other day, I was learning under Google’s Digital Garage course and it maintained a graph of my progress and telling me how many topics of the course remains. Point being, analytics is playing a major part in e-learning.

It also shows the areas where I performed weakly in the assessment and prompts me to study the chapter again. This is because in order to subsequently qualify for a certification I need to have better scores under each topic that makes up the course.

4.      Video And More Video

Video content’s effectiveness cannot be argued with. 2019 would be the year, experts suggest, which will have almost 80% of the internet traffic due to video content being available. Also, there will be one million minutes of video content that is going to be share come 2019 (I know, I should stick to 2017).

YouTube and Facebook video are the reigning champions in the world of video content today. Thus, a new door has been opened in the e-learning domain. Authoring tools can be now used to add clips from various video streaming platforms and an integrated e-learning course can be delivered.

5.      Microlearning

Microlearning takes into account factors whereby people learn to in short, focused and challenging manner. There are certain apps and programs that evolve along with the user such as Duolingo. It can be understood small chunks of information for the user to be easily digested instead of consuming the whole pie at once.

6.      Social E-Learning

This is the derivative of e-learning. When different people come together online, communities are structured as a result. Stronger networking ties and friendships are built. They help each other navigate through the course content and a virtual classroom learning experience is formed.

7.      Content Curation

2017 will also witness the continuous boom in content curation. There will be an amalgam of a carefully crafted mix of blogs, forum threads, videos, guides, and articles. This is basically a holistic approach and design to a more convenient online learning experience.

8.      Mobile Learning

Of course mobile learning, how can we forget that! 70% of learners are mobile users. With online academies such as Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy and so on so forth the ease of access is on mobile platforms is gaining momentum. Their apps are available across all major mobile platforms.

Digital nomads are especially switching from one device to another depending on their location at that moment in time or as per need.

So there you go! E-learning trends to watch out for in 2017. Let us know in the comments if there is any other worth mentioning.

Author Bio: Cerys Lees is a Digital Nomad and is an expert in the digital marketing domain at http://www.essaystar.co.uk. She loves to try out different cuisines and is passionate about blogging.

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