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Gone are the days when you had to handle a pile of files to maintain bills and invoices. Now we are in a digital age, the internet has enabled us to get solutions online for almost all of our problems. No matter whether you are looking for an accountant in Northampton or searching for a quality billing software to keep a record of your bills and invoices, you will easily find it online.

To help you out in your hunt for an efficient online billing software, we have mentioned some jobs that good software must do. So just read on and help yourself in getting the right product for your business.

Attractive invoice Templates

Invoicing software should have nice looking templates that you can use in your file. Apart from the look, a template should also enable you to add your payment terms, drop in the financial transaction and match your logo.

Quote-to-Invoice conversation

Online invoice software with quote templates is easy to work with. It provides you with several quotes that you can accept by clicking the ‘approve’ option and then use them in your invoice without much effort. It makes your work easy and fast.

Learn prices automatically

Software that comes with a feature to learn your pricing schedule makes your work much easier. Whenever you want to insert a new item to the invoice, it automatically gets its price and increases the overall cost. You can also set to deduct the prices on the removal of an item.

Generate online invoices

Generating online invoices is rather easy for you as well as your clients. With this feature, you can set up a webpage of your invoice and share those online links with your customers instead of sending a mail with invoice attached to it. This way, you can edit and make corrections in it anytime until the invoice is paid. You don’t need to mail it each time you make a correction in it. Moreover, your customer can also pay you immediately by seeing the invoice and by not visiting his/her bank website.

Accept payment from a Credit Card as well as from other fast Digital options

In these days, a majority of people prefer faster and digital payment through debit cards, credit cards or other instant payment options. These options allow you to get paid at least 50% faster than a typical payment mode. So, always look for billing software that integrates with digital payment and makes the transaction faster.

Accessible from Mobile or Tablet

Isn’t it great to prepare and send an invoice to your client as soon as the work is done? For that, your software must be accessible from your phone as you can’t carry your laptop everywhere you go. With the integration between the software and mobile, handling business is much easier and faster. You need to simply select a template, fill in the required details and send it to the second part right away.

Send automatic reminders

Reminding customers of due payments is never an enjoyable task. Despite calling them time after time, all the payments are not made on time and almost one third go past their due date. But, smart billing software can help you get your money on time without you having to call your customers.

It takes the job of collecting money off your hands. Want to know how? It makes a list of unpaid invoices post due date and sends an automatic email to traders to minimise your hassle for getting money.

Invoice reconciliation

Smart billing software also reduces your work in terms of sifting through bank records for matching the payments and deposits to ascertain when they were made.  Once you link the software with your current business account, it automatically checks the payments and their dates so that you are aware when the accounts have been settled.

So, the next time you get billing software for your business, keep these smart features in mind and shop smartly.