8 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Many people assume that brushing your teeth is enough when it comes to your oral health, however there is a lot more to it! We have put together 8 different things you can do to keep your mouth healthy. Try to incorporate these things into your daily routine and you should notice a big difference in your oral health. 

Brush Twice A Day

You may already know this but some people don’t which is why it is first on the list! Brushing your teeth twice a day is essential in order to kill excess bacteria and to clear any food residue from your teeth. Some people will brush their teeth three times a day which is okay, although you don’t want to be doing this every day. 

This is because you can wear down the enamel on your teeth and weaken them. Also, it can make your gums bleed if you brush them too much. Overall, once in the morning and once at night is definitely enough!

Flossing Is Just As Important

Many people ignore flossing because they regularly brush their teeth. However, you should also floss your teeth as this is a great way to stimulate your gums, remove plaque and reduce inflammation in your mouth. 

There are numerous dental flosses you can try but you should seek the advice of your private dentist to see which floss they recommend for your teeth. One a day is just enough when it comes to flossing. Flossing can get into those areas that you cannot get to with a toothbrush. So it is definitely something you should consider if you do not floss already! 

Visit Your Dentist Twice A Year

When you go to your dentist, they usually suggest you visit again in six months time. They are experts in oral health, so following their advice first and foremost is of course always advised! 

Visiting regularly is important both for your oral health as well as potential cosmetic procedures. For example, if people are not happy with their teeth a dentist could suggest having all on 4 dental implants. There are many different ways you can improve your teeth but it is always best to see a professional to make the best decision. 

Cut Down On Your Sugary and Acidic Foods

Sugar gets converted into acid when it is in your mouth, which erodes the enamel on your teeth and can sometimes lead to cavities. For example, smoothies might be a healthy option but they can be extremely damaging for your teeth. With sugary drinks, if you can’t avoid them, drink them with a straw to reduce exposure to the teeth, and try your best to cut down on sugary foods! 

Drink Water

Sugary and high caffeine drinks can be damaging to both your oral health and general health. It is recommended by health experts that you should drink a glass of water after every meal. This will help to wash away the sticky and acidic foods in between brushes. 

Don’t Ignore Your Tongue! 

Plaque doesn’t just build up on your teeth, it also builds up on your tongue! This will give you bad breath as well as other oral health problems. There are three main reasons why you should not neglect your tongue when you are brushing your teeth.

Firstly, it will improve the smell of your breath. The bacteria on your tongue is the main cause of bad breath. The good bacteria will try their best to fight off that horrid smell in your mouth but they cannot always win! So, if you start paying attention to your tongue and scraping/ brushing it then you will remove the multiple layers of bacteria, meaning you will no longer have bad breath. 

Secondly, when bacteria covers your tongue, it can also cover your taste buds meaning that you may not be able to taste food as much as you would usually. Brushing your tongue properly will help you to taste food properly again if you currently have an issue with it! 

Finally, brushing your tongue is important for your overall oral health. Bad bacteria not only gives you bad breath but it can also cause damage to your teeth. In the long run, this will also reduce the chance of you going to the dentist for serious treatments. It is easier to prevent oral health issues rather than treat them! 

Use A Good Mouthwash  

Not many people use mouthwash because they just think brushing their teeth is good enough for their oral hygiene. However, when brushing your teeth, you might not be able to get to the hard to reach areas which means you could miss plaque. This is where mouthwash comes in! It also cleans your gums and gives you better breath, so it is a win-win situation!

Picking The Right Toothpaste 

Many people might not know the best toothpaste to pick when it comes to their mouth. Many will choose the cheapest, others go for the one that says teeth whitening and the rest will just go for something that has a bit of everything. 

Whatever you do, do not make a decision based on the flashiest packaging. It might not have the right amount of fluoride in the toothpaste that is required. Some people like to go for herbal toothpaste, yet it is still essential that you double-check to make sure it contains fluoride. 

Pick the appropriate product for you with the help of your dentist if necessary. Everybody needs different toothpaste depending on their individual needs. Something that you need to be aware of is buying teeth whitening toothpaste, as it can be abrasive meaning it can brush away the healthy enamel on your teeth. 

If it is abrasive, it will start to create a rough surface which means the teeth can be more exposed to staining later on in your life. So, if you wish for your teeth to get whiter then see a professional about it and they will provide you with the right product. 

Whatever you do with your toothpaste, double-check to make sure it has the right amount of fluoride. The amount of fluoride that you should be looking at is 1400 & 1500 PPM (permanent pacemakers). 

In Conclusion

So, there you have it! Eight easy tips that you can use to maintain good oral hygiene without having to spend too much money. Two things that you should remember mainly are brushing your teeth twice a day and seeing your dentist twice a year as well. You could also use dental apps to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible. If you do both of these things then you are well on your way to maintaining good oral health! Maintaining good health, including gut health, can also contribute to better oral health.