A Useful Trick For Cleaning Leather Jacket Properly

Leather jackets are one of the most desirable fashion accessories because they provide trendy and glamorous look to the personality. They are not just used for protection, but also to add style to the personality. This is the reason because of which these leather apparels are liked by both men and women.

People love to buy the celebrities leather jacket like Mark Wahlberg jacket and Megan Fox style jacket and etc, they also want to keep it clean. Cleaning a leather jacket is a difficult task because it has a very soft texture and polish that can be damaged if not cleaned properly. One thing to remember is that leather outfits are not cleaned or washed often because it can badly affect them. Stated below is a trick that will help you in cleaning your leather jacket easily and properly without damaging its texture and polish.

A Useful Trick For Cleaning Leather Jacket Properly

Things required for the cleaning process:

  • A bucket
  • A Soft cloth or a sponge
  • Any Detergent or a mild soap for washing purpose
  • Leather jacket conditioner
  • And warm water

Steps of the cleaning process:

  • Take the bucket and fill it quarterly with the warm water.
  • Add little amount of the detergent or the mild soap in the water filled bucket.
  • Mix the detergent until it mixes with the water properly.
  • Take a soft cloth or a sponge, dip it in the bucket and then gently rub the surface of your jacket with it.
  • Once you are done rubbing the soapy cloth or sponge all over your jacket, now rinse the cloth or sponge in the plain water and then again wipe your jacket with it until the soap is completely removed from your jacket.
  • After that rub your jacket with a dry cloth or sponge so that it absorbs the remaining water.
  • Hang your leather jacket in open air so that it can dry.
  • Now when your jacket is completely dry, apply the leather conditioner all over it. It will keep your jacket’s texture soft.

Following tips about storing leather jacket properly:

  • Cover your leather jackets with a soft cloth or a plastic bag properly and then hang them in a cupboard or in a place where you want to keep them. Remember, never fold your leather jacket as it will damage its shape and will also create wrinkles on the surface.
  • Try to stuff your leather jacket with acid-free paper. Fill the jacket completely with the paper as it will keep the jacket in its shape.
  • Leather jackets usually have pores on the surface that needs air to breathe. So keep your jacket in the place which has a passage for air.
  • Apply a little amount of leather conditioner on your jacket before storing it. The conditioner will keep the jacket’s texture soft.

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