An Overview Of Spine Surgery

One of the common reasons to visit a doctor happens to be back pain. Numbers do point to the fact that nearly 80 % of people suffer from back pain at some point in their life. In most cases the pain is going to reduce without the need for a back surgery. In case of others when pain medications have failed to provide proper relief then surgery works out to be a viable option.

An Overview Of Spine Surgery

Would you consider yourself a candidate for a spine surgery?

To treat spinal conditions of the back or neck surgery happens to be a tempting option. This is all the more so if you have gone to try pain relief procedures for a period of 6 to 12 months before the surgery. The decision works out on an individual basis as per the symptoms of the patient and how far has their function being restricted as well.


Before the surgery a list of dos along with not to do things are presented to the patient. This would mean how to take care of post-operative procedures, information about the current medication procedures, how the patient has to be transported to the home, valuable possessions need to be left at home, not to drink or eat anything before the surgery and what is the time you would need to report at the surgical centre.

As soon as a patient reports for the surgery he is taken over to a pre surgical area where he is provided with the required know how on how to be ready for a surgery. They are then asked to put on a hospital gown. Then the name of the patient, the type of surgery that needs to be performed, and the medical history of the patient arereviewed with regards to allergies. A set of injections are administered and sometimes the patient do become so relaxed and are not even aware when they are taken over to an operation room.

The recovery

Most patients are able to get out of bed, the same or the following day after a surgery. In the first few days the activity is just limited to walking and some routine activities. During the first 6 weeks, patients are advised not to lift heavy weights or climbing along with twisting. Once 6 weeks are over, you will be directed to physical therapy and moderate levels of exercise whereby this is going to aid in the process of recovery and provide the necessary strength. Once 6 weeks are over, you can get back to all the daily activities. Some of the major benefits of this form of surgery are

  • Works out to be the best course of action in order to get rid of back pain
  • You are ensured a pain free life

Spine surgery hospitals in India have on rooster some of the skilful and qualified surgeons in the business. Their track record is a testimony to this fact and millions of patients do visit them on a regular basis.

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