Travelling is one of the oldest remedies known to us. People have been travelling since time immemorial to take a break from their monotonous schedules and experience something different for a change. But travelling has undergone quite a revolution in this age of smartphones. There are many applications that take care of every need that we may have when we are travelling. With just a few clicks on the screen we can now book flight tickets, transportation and even hotels. Not only has it become possible to find what you need at cheaper rates but it has also made finding them extremely convenient. Here are some amazing types of applications that have made travelling easier for every person, novice or experienced:

Couchsurfing Travel

For those who are often on the road, couchsurfing is their constant companion. You may be a bit apprehensive in the beginning, thinking about how you may have to live with total strangers who expect nothing in return. But you will learn this bit when you have a free spirited soul in your own home delighted at the thought of travelling your country. It gives you an opportunity to meet amazing people who share a love for travelling. Suddenly the fact that it offers free accommodation becomes unimportant and you begin to experience a certain thrill in meeting strangers. The surprises that wait for us in a foreign land are somehow enhanced with the kind hospitalities of your hosts. Couchsurfing is not at all commercial in nature. All you need to do is create a profile and get in touch with potential hosts. If they approve your stay all you need to do then is show up!

Tariff Comparison Apps

Several applications can be found in the Playstore or App Store that allow you to check and compare the schedule of trains, buses and flights. One such app is Go Euro. The benefit of using this app or any such application is that you do not need to switch between different applications each time you have to make a booking. So this way you save time. By getting cheaper options to travel, you save money as well. By saving time and money both, you can stretch your budget and you can now extend your stay in any country.

Travel Organiser Apps

Tripit and other travel organiser apps are for those unorganised travellers who find it difficult to stay organised during their travel. It comes in handy when you have multiple bus and flight bookings. Those days are now long behind us when we had to roam around with a plastic folder in hand which held our travel bookings. There are many applications which give you similar services but with a lot more convenience. Once you have made a booking you can forward the tickets to an email and it automatically creates your itinerary. No matter where you go there are details that you have to share to confirm your stay or travel before you can proceed to staying or travelling. It proves to be an inconvenience when you must go through hundreds of emails on your phone to locate your booking details. Moreover, by using these applications you can access your itinerary offline in case there is no internet connection available. It may not help you to save money but it sure helps you to save a lot of time and as we all know it too well, saving time is like saving money!

Accommodation Apps

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of staying in a foreign land with hosts that expect nothing in return, you can try applications like Airbnb. Unlike couchsurfing travel app which offers free accommodation, Airbnb offers accommodation at cheap and economical prices in prime locations across a country. The difference between hotel room prices and Airbnb accommodation can be quite big. The best part about staying in an Airbnb accommodation is that you get access to all amenities that you generally find at home such as the use of a kitchen to make yourself breakfast and coffee.

Ride Sharing Applications

Certain countries are well known for being obscenely expensive when it comes to travelling. When travelling across the UK and Europe going with the flow can place a dent in your pockets. Travelling is generally cheaper in several countries across Asia where you can just hop into buses and other modes of cheap transport and save yourself a lot of money. Ride sharing applications also keep the traveller’s safety in mind by displaying the profiles of those sharing the ride with them. By making use of these applications you can plan a trip or a corporate day out with a lot of ease without spending excessively.

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