Honda has maintained its captive hold on the Indian market for quite a long span of time. The major concern behind its success is the leading launches that rage a craze among the public. The all new hero duet is one such creative innovation. It presents a perfect icon of style and fashion. The scooter comes up with an air cooled single cylindrical four stroke engine OHC that make it the most powerful one among the rest. The displacement of the engine is 110.9 Cubic centimetre and the maximum amount of power liberated by the engine is nearly 6.2 kW or 8.31 Bhp at the rate of eight thousand rpm. The engine produces a maximum torque of 8.30 Nano metre at a rate of 6500 rpm. The maximum speed that can be availed by the scooter is eighty-five km per hour and the dimension of the bore and the stroke is 50 by 56.5 mm respectively.

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The carburettor is single draft variable venturi or piston with TCIS. The compression ratio of the scooter is 9 : 5 : 1. The self-start mode makes it easier to avoid the hustle of starting the vehicle. The full transistorised CDI ignition type with SAE 10 W 30 Sj oil grade with carburettor fuel system uplifts the version of the model. The viscous and paper pleated type air filtration unit made the engine more honourable. The digital analogue combo meter console provides the facility to visualise the speed rate and the fuel indicator. The key features of the model include integrated braking system and metal body that gives an elegant and dynamic look to the model. The telescopic front suspension and external fuel filling help the rider to fill the tank of the scooter without getting down from the scooter.

All these features together add up to provide a versatile look to the model. The scooter also denotes a proper clarity in the technological advancement with the availability of the mobile charging port and boot light that are spaced within the features of the scooter. The tubeless tyres also provide efficiency in the ride. Now coming to the dimensions of the scooter, it has a length of one thousand eight hundred and thirty mm and the width is nearly seven hundred and twenty-six mm. The height of the scooter is one thousand one hundred and thirty-nine mm and the saddle height is seven hundred and seventy mm. The wheelbase is one thousand two hundred and forty-one mm. All these dimensional variations make the vehicle as one of the perfect ones to avail such a grand look. It is available in a wide range of colours and the blazing red is the hottest among all. The candid blue and the other colours, too produce a sexy look to both the model as well as the rider.

The ground clearance of the scooter is one hundred and fifty-five mm and thus you do not need to worry anymore as the company claims to make the design in such a way that the accidents can be avoided to a certain extent. The exotic look of the scooter makes it popular among the youth and both the males, as well as the females, have started living it more and more each day. The exclusive inertia with an amazing bold gives a flamboyant attitude to the two-seaters and it feels outstanding to go for a ride amidst the cool and wonderful breeze along the terrain. Honda has always seen towards providing a futuristic gleam to its consumers and will surely continue to do that in the upcoming future.