BaaS vs Serverless: Everything You Need To Know

BaaS also known as backend as a service makes it easier for developers to focus on developing the frontend of a website or applications. It can help to leverage the backend services without the need of maintenance. Serverless and BaaS computing have some similarities which are offered by many providers but there are a few differences that you need to know. 

What is BaaS 

BaaS is the abbreviation for backend as a service. It is a model of cloud service that developers use for outsourcing backend aspects of any app or website. It helps in the management of frontend aspects. BaaS providers offer pre-written software for actions and activities that happen on the server which include. 

  • Database management 
  • Authentication
  • Push notifications 
  • Remote updates
  • Hosting 
  • Cloud storage 

How BaaS works 

The BaaS service providers play the same role as the director who is responsible for all the behind the scene tasks of filing a movie. The BaaS providers will handle all the backend services and tasks of a website or application to assure that customers will get the best available product. They will regularly manage and maintain the service to assure that nothing goes wrong and the best experience is provided. 

BaaS vendors allow developers to focus on other important tasks like writing quality code for frontend applications. Using SDK or APIs provided by BaaS vendors it becomes easier for developers to integrate the functionality of backends that they need without managing the backend themselves. 

Developers also do not have to deal with other aspects like virtual machines, server management or containers to keep apps running. It gives developers enough time to develop and launch various amazing apps for the web and phone in a limited time. 

MBaaS or Mobile backend as a service 

MBaaS is a special BaaS service that is epically designed for developing mobile applications. In simple words we can say that MBaaS is just an extension of BaaS. The only difference is that BaaS does not necessarily focus on the services for mobile app development because in this field we focus on web apps and other platforms as well. Whereas, in MBaaS we only develop backend for mobile apps. 

BaaS services you get 

There are various server-side capabilities that are offered by BaaS providers which include. 

  • Availability of push notifications 
  • Management of the entire database
  • Authentication of users 
  • Cloud storage for entire content generated by users 
  • Remotely updating apps and its content 
  • Search indexing 
  • Hosting services 

BaaS vs Serverless 

No doubt that there are some similarities between serverless and BaaS computing but at the same time there are some major differences that you need to consider. 

However, in both cases the developer has to write code for the application and they do not have to focus on the backend. On the other hand, there are some BaaS vendors who also offer serverless computing services. The important operation differences between both services are given below. 

1- Construction of application 

In the applications developed using serverless computing the backend is broken down into different functions. All these functions respond to various events and can only perform a single function. Whereas, in BaaS there are server-side functionalities which are developed according to demands of the developer and service provider. In this case there is no need to write code for anything except the frontend of apps. 

2- Writing code for app 

Developers of serverless computing are driven by events. It means that they work by responding to events. All the functions will only work when they are initiated by certain events and otherwise, they will not work. On the other hand, BaaS applications are not driven by events. That is why more server resources are required for their management. 

3- Management of code 

When it comes to running and managing codes, serverless functions are easy to manage. They can work from any machine, anywhere as long as the code has a connection with the entire application because it ensures cooperation of edge computing in architecture of application through running its code using network edge. BaaS is not designed to run app’s code anytime from anywhere but it depends more on the service provider. 

4- Scaling of application 

One of the biggest differences between BaaS and serverless computing is scaling of application. In serverless computing as the usage of applications increases its scale will automatically enhance. The infrastructure of cloud vendors begins with ephemeral instances when every function is required. However, BaaS apps are not designed to scale in this way. 

Platform as a service vs BaaS

PaaS offers a platform for developers through cloud to help develop apps. Like BaaS and serverless, PaaS computing eliminates the requirement for developers to manage and develop backends of applications. However, pre-built application server-side logic is not offered in PaaS like user authentication and push notifications. BaaS provides more functionality while PaaS provides more flexibility. 

So, this was a complete guide to all your questions related to BaaS vs Serverless.