Wedding flowers set the tone of every wedding. A traditional Jewish wedding is full of meaningful rituals that signify the charm of unification of two souls. We use flowers to decorate and celebrate the beauty of the ceremony.

Floral arrangements make up the most important part of wedding decorations. For a traditional Jewish wedding, it is a daunting task to find a florist that has the knowledge of Jewish style and customs. You should find the one who has the right knowledge for your wedding flower delivery in UK.

Yom Kippur

According to the Jewish culture, the wedding day is considered a Yom Kippur for the kallah and chatan (bride and the bridegroom). It means, on this day all the sins that the two had done in their lives are forgiven by the god.

Both the bride and the bridegroom fasts from the dawn of this day until the wedding ceremony gets completed (except for the Sefardies). The groom wears a white robe called the kittel on Yom Kippur.

Basics Of Floral Arrangements In A Jewish Wedding


A canopy (chuppah) is built which signifies the home of the new couple. The marriage ceremony takes place under this canopy only. It is open from all sides which signify the welcoming of all the people from all the directions. A chuppah is designed with different beautiful flowers.

Ashkenazim hold this ceremony under the stars, and not under the chuppah so that the gods can give their blessings directly under the stars.

Use of Flowers in Jewish Weddings

There are a number of arrangements for decorating a Jewish wedding. A wedding theme should be selected so that everything matches well with one concept. This helps reduce the number of choices and it becomes easy to figure out what color you should follow throughout the wedding arrangements.

You will need boutonnieres for the chatan and other important male members of the wedding. Choose a boutonniere that will go well with the bouquet of the kallah.

Kallah holds a small bundle of flowers that is very carefully selected, keeping in mind the theme of the wedding. Kallah’s outfit can also help you find a good bouquet. Yom Kippur is the biggest day in the life of the kallah. You must consult the florist which type of flowers will be the best for her.

Always imagine the big picture, make sure you don’t go over the top with the floral arrangements and at the same time keep it creative and trendy.

The Centerpiece

It is the heart of the wedding venue. The centerpiece should be carefully selected such that it is not too tall that it blocks the view of the wedding, yet not too small that it doesn’t even look like a centerpiece!

Benefit of Selecting Seasonal Flowers

Flowers should be selected in a way that it doesn’t only go well with the theme and the venue of the wedding, but also remains fresh throughout the wedding. This is only possible if you select the flowers that are sturdy and those which belong to the season.

A florist will have the knowledge which flower belongs to your wedding month. You should always consult him/her about this. The good thing about flowers is, mostly, there is a look-alike of the flowers you choose. You can go for the alternative, it will not only save you money but also will remain fresh throughout the day.


You should hire a florist who has the experience of decorating a Jewish wedding. You can take a look at the photos of the wedding decorations that he/she has done in the past. You can hire a florist after consulting your friends and family. Mazel Tov!

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