Benefits Of Olive Oil

Many unusual or rare in our diet fabulous elements have properties that benefit our body, as in the case of mint, green tea or parsley; however, here is a list of benefits of olive oil to consider inclusion in the daily diet and take advantage of all its nutrients:

Cholesterol Control

With acids containing one of the benefits of olive oil is cholesterol control, which in turn helps fight the tendency to heart disease.

Easy Digestion

Another of the great benefits of olive oil and has an advantage is the ease with which our body can assimilate and digest, accelerating the metabolic process.

Combat Ulcers and Gastritis

Based on the above, another benefit of olive oil is that, with regular use, it creates a protective layer in the stomach protecting it from stomach ailments.

Reduce Gallstones

The benefit of olive oil is also the activation of pancreatic hormones that reduce chances of developing gallstones. Natural Source of Vitamins

The extra virgin olive oil, which is obtained directly from the olives without having to industrial or chemical processes, is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamin E, one of the benefits of the popular olive oil.

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Combat Colon Cancer

Studies have shown that increased consumption of this element reduces and prevents diseases of colon cancer. Another benefit of olive oil on which further research.

Protect Skin

Thanks to its components and so direct and clear way that is obtained from the olives, another of the great benefits of olive oil is the protection and gloss that gives the skin.

Stronger Bones

The benefits of olive oil is most popular stimulation of the binding of calcium in the bones, so many older people include it in their daily diets.

Hair Treatment

Thanks to its texture rich in protein and “good fats” is recommended as a treatment for strengthening and accelerated hair growth. Therefore, it is one of the benefits of olive oil that many women recommended.

Active Circulation

Other benefits of olive oil are activating blood circulation, preventing cellular aging and skin, improving life expectancy.

Fight Hypertension

Thanks to several studies conducted, it was found that one more of the benefits of olive oil, is the control of blood pressure as effectively as wine as and more natural than prescribed drugs.

Treatment of Liver Diseases

More benefits of olive oil in combating chronic diseases and conditions related to malfunctions of the liver. Therefore it has increased its use in combating diseases such as hepatitis.

Strengthens Nails

New beauty treatments claim that one of the benefits of olive oil is the direct application with massaging hands and nails that not only soften and beautify the skin, but nails and help strengthen its rapid growth.

Fights Diabetics

One of the benefits of olive oil is the most important reduction of blood glucose levels, which also implies a reduction in insulin levels.

Excellent Nutritional Element

Thanks to its components, another benefit of olive oil, is the large meeting the nutritional demands of the body, making it an insurmountable dietary supplement for children, adults and seniors.

The benefits of olive oil are not limited to their fantastic contributions to outside pampering, but to combat chronic diseases that can help improve the quality of life of people. Therefore, it is advisable to consume large amounts of this product, plus, as a bonus, it’s delicious.

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