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We all long for a mug of rich tea in the morning and a creamy cup of coco at night. You may not want to admit it, but a hot drink in your favourite mug has the potential to make or break your day.

The best mugs are the ones that are given to us by the ones that we love. Whether it be small, medium or large, they have chosen it because it reminds them of you. If you are looking for the best mugs to buy for your friends as gifts, check out McLaggan and Smiths range of bespoke mug designs.

Custom Mugs at McLaggan and Smith

McLaggan and Smith have been making the best mugs in the UK for years now. This small family business can personalise your chosen mug, making it an extra special gift for the one you love.

The brand is based in the UK and MS Mugs can have your custom mug sent to you in just 3-5 working days, making it a great option for those looking for a last minute present.

The Best Mugs For Family and Friends

Best Mum Mug

Make your mums day every morning with an Alice Scott “Best Mum Mug”. Whether your mum wakes up to black coffee or an herbal tea, she can find peace of mind knowing she has a piece of you with her.

MS Mugs have a range of Alice Scott mugs which can be personalised with your mum’s name on it! Custom mugs are extremely popular nowadays and this little minding is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

It’s the little things that mean a lot. MS Mugs have lots of mum mugs that yours will love. Check out their website to see Alice’s full collection.

The Best Mugs For Family and Friends

Best Dad Mugs

MS Mugs have a range which is suited to the whole family. If you are stuck and don’t know what to get your Dad for his birthday this year, a mug is always a great present.

We are sure your Dad will enjoy this practical gift as you can now order manly MS Mugs in large! Our top pick for the best dad mug is by Jolly Awesome and MS Mugs. The two brands have come together to create the daddy of all ceramics.

Jolly Awesome is an art & design led studio which was started by London-based illustrator Matt Nguyen. The brand has teamed up with MS Mugs to create the adorable “Best Dad Ever Mug”.

The Best Mugs For Family and Friends

Best Friend Mugs

We love to match our best friends. From necklaces to t-shirts to mugs, us brits love to show our appreciation for one another in a personalised manner.

MS Mugs are lucky enough to stock a best friend mug which can be personalised with both of your names on it, that is designed by Sir Quentin Blake. This cute mug features one of his most recognised drawings of a cat and mice.

Sir Quentin Blake is known for his illustrations on Roald Dahl’s collection of famous children books, which makes his mugs perfect for those who enjoy a cup of sweet tea while enjoying a novel by the fire.


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