Housewives like to have the house spotless dust-free of stains and odor. However, sometimes we feel that it has not been as we would like and we started looking for additional resources. And we never lack the idea of mixing cleaning products. But I can assure you that mix is a very bad idea!

Moreover, many of the ingredients not even have to be listed on the label, first, making it even more difficult to discern what is being exposed. Manufacturers have pressed very well the government to exclude them this requirement, so they deliberately omitted from the label any ingredient that is considered a secret formula. Not surprisingly, many of these undisclosed ingredients are actually toxic.

Beware, These Cleaners Should Not Be Mixed Together

Here I discuss certain mixtures that could literally be explosive:

Bleach and Ammonia

Beyond that I can provide you some scientific basis to warn about the inconvenience of mixing these two powerful cleaners, just think about this: Is it not every one of them really hard? Is it reasonable to put them together and create a product whose vapor is almost impossible to breathe?

In doing chloramines are generated, some toxic gases that cause burning eyes and respiratory tract, coughing, watery eyes, flushing, nausea, pain and sin if exposure is prolonged pulmonary edema.

Bleach and Detergent

Although the detergent is softer than ammonia, its elements also react with chlorine to form a mist that makes breathing difficult and brings similar consequences to those mentioned in them above.

Although the consequences seem milder, they are not: rotten suffer an allergic reaction you cause swelling of the airways and a subsequent suffocation.

A Drain Opener with Another

The products to unclog pipes are quite powerful compounds. Imagine: they must dissolve food debris and other objects that are in the pipeline that may soon resume for the passage of water.

But not all are made with the same formula and if two or more such products come into contact its elements could be combined so that explodes with pipes and everything.

Therefore, never mix them do not use one immediately after the other.

And then as Clean?

If it comes to unclog pipes, after placing the right product and leave it on for a few hours may lay several pots of boiling water.

To clean certain surfaces such as the bathtub, the toilet, or floors or is necessary to mix the products. It simply mopping with water or, at most, use a cleaning product in reasonable quantities and diluted in water. Without mixing it with anything else.

If you are interested in soft products you can see how to make detergent for floors.