10 Online Business Directories For Local Listings In USA

If you own a business, you can’t imagine thriving without online marketing. Things have pretty much changed in the last few decades. The businesses that didn’t keep up with modern trends are no longer in the top tier.

Online marketing has brought a new era for small business owners. It allows you to reach your customers either they living just next door or any other continent. If you haven’t been paying attention to this aspect of your business, it is time to act.

Staying up with a competing market is not an easy task. There are multiple facets of online marketing but this post is about business listings. Various online directories such as Citylocal 101 are enabling new connections.

 Just like the old days, the essential information about a business is listed in the directory. In the past, it had names, contact numbers, and addresses.

Modern online directories are a lot more than that. You can link your business pages, add informative pictures and videos about your brands, and make changes whenever you like. These are the changes in the front end. Complex algorithms help connect various directories enabling much more efficient searches.

List Your Business In Directories That Still Matter!

The best part about business listing sites is that a lot of them are free. Some cost you only a little amount for yearly services. But choosing the right sites is pivotal to your success. As for now, we know that business listing sites do not directly affect the link building or SEO. The real benefit is the credibility and traffic offered by the sites. It is essential to list your business in directories that still matter. You need to check the credibility and relatedness of the directory to your business at the very least.

Top 10 Business Listing Directories

Here are the best online directories to list your business in 2020.

1. Google My Business

When it comes to business marketing, Google My Business reigns the supreme. If you have wanted a significant boost in your SEO, list your business in the directory now. It is the basic requirement of online marketing with definite effects on rankings.

You will reap the benefits of relevance as a social ranking factor. As the directory is linked with the world’s biggest search engine, be prepared to meet new customers every day.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo has always been a popular and reliable name when it comes to business listing sites. Although it is not at the top of the list still holds a respectable place among competitors. List your business in Yahoo is like adding up chances of your success. Don’t forget to update any changes in your business information with the changing times. 

3. Bing Places

A business owner can’t talk about online presence without being on the Bing Places. The business directory is associated with the world’s second most popular search engine.

When you compare the number of people using Bing and Google, only 4% of people are using Bing. The number seems insignificant but when you think about Microsoft it starts to make sense. Microsoft still dominates the market and Bing is their default search engine so don’t overlook its importance.

4. Yelp

Millions of people search for Yelp to find reliable businesses nearby. Being a business owner, you should not miss the opportunity to connect to such massive numbers. Add your listing and show them your best. You can update the business info and respond to the reviews left by the customers. It is a reliable platform for millions of people so be very cautious about reputation management.

5. Citylocal 101 

Citylocal 101 is a reliable local listing website. Adding your business is very easy and affordable. The quality services are free for the first month and then you have to pay a little amount. They help you to improve your visibility in the digital realm.

6. Better Business Bureau

More than 90% of the customers search for an online reputation before they purchase a product or service. Most of the pros suggest visiting the Better Business Bureau for local reviews and ratings when it comes to service providers. Make use of the opportunity and list your business on this well-known directory. Your customers are urged to leave reviews and ratings about the quality of services.

7. Angie’s List

The list of online directories is always incomplete without Angie’s List. It is much more than a directory as it offers helpful content to the users.

You may have seen different businesses boasting about Angie’s List awards they won. It has made business hunting very easy and quick. Don’t miss the chance to improve your online presence and add your business for little to no cost.

8. Crunch Base

Either you are looking for a certain business or individual service providers, Crunch Base is a well-known platform. What to expect as a business person? It helps you discover the right leads, prospect customers, and innovative companies. The website is a safe way for market research. Study about the emerging trends and analyze changes to make informed decisions.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect website to grow your network. Its motto focuses on the people you know and how it affects your success. Add basic credentials about your business to get connected with professionals all around the globe.

10. Yellow Pages

Does the name ring a bell? It is the online version of traditional directories printed as Yellow Pages. YP is beyond other online directories as it offers discount coupons, helps you build the backlink equity, and actually contributes to conversions. That’s all you want! Right?

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