Can LATISSE Help To Treat Hair Thinning?

Whatever goes inside, most precisely shows the effect outside also! Many of them know about it or not but your hair show the first sign of your problem related to hair. A healthy hair mostly includes healthy diet which ensures you to give good heath, and automatically makes your hair and skin glow.

Every time you ponder around for shopping where you check out for new and expensive shampoos and conditioners that smells good. A common person always has thinking that more expensive product will give more accurate effect on hair. Opting for big brands that tell us about shampoo containing oil, herbs and bla bla…. you get confused and sway from your decision. Think again. Your grandma was right.

Can LATISSE Help To Treat Hair Thinning?

We at Clinicspots provide online medical consultation for the people so that you can get perfect solution for your treatment. You can also search for hair transplant in Bangalore, in our portal and compare the cost of hair transplant in Bangalore as well as doctors related to it.Oiling your hair is a must. Oil penetrates into your scalp and repairs the structure of hair follicles. Coming back to its treatment supplements included these days, helps your hair to grow back. One of them is LATISSE.

One question that arises in one’s mind is, can LATISSE grow hair on top of head? That is the question that several individual have posted, and it is no wonder with maximum of 85% of worth rating. Latisse has ability to grow long hair, thick eyelashes, but yet it is not recommended by doctors to put it on your scalp.

Even latisse is still not approved for the use of eyelashes; many patients use it for the growth of fuller eyebrows. So what’s the risk of growing hair on your head? Why can’t we grow hair on head too? Person who is profoundly bald will certainly not grow hair on the scalp because it requires the presence of hair follicles. If the thinning of hair continues, with help of latisse it may be thicker, darker, and longer but it will not prevent your hair from falling.

Moreover, for the people those who all are frustrated with their hair, it might be an expensive experiment for them. Bottle of LATISSE contain hardly 100 drops with the cost of about $100. Though this amount last only for eyelashes when applied on it. But it will not last long when you use it for the entire scalp. In simple words, if it even improves your hair, its cost would be too high. But it does not mean that it cannot be a solution for hair loss. According to the research there is no medication that works similar to latisse for the scalp hair loss.

Lattice is a register trade mark of allergan, it is made up of 0.03% bimatoprost solution that is used to treat hypotrichosis, or abnormally thin eyelashes. If one drop of solution is added to the skin along with the margin of upper eyelid with help of sterile applicator, it increases the length, darkness and thickness of eyelashes.

Loss of Hair:-

  • Bimatoprost is a solution that stimulates hair growth in the areas of your skin and it may promote to hair growth
  • Latisse are introduced not only for eyelashes and it is not the first line of treatment for hair loss on the scalp or eyebrows, it may help patients who are not getting the desired results from other treatments

How does it Work?

  • The main ingredient in this component is bimatoprost, that is mainly prescribed for the people with glaucoma, medication was placed in the eye and it worked to lower the amount of pressure in the eye
  • Bimatoprost’s has the ability to increase hair and growth of lashes, It’s not understood that how the medication grows hair, but it seems that it raises the number of hair in the growth phase and keeps them as it is, for longer time
  • Some people have reported that the treatment led to thicker hair on their head. But, the according to the clinical trials, results from using Latisse on the head were less promising than expected
  • Person suffering from male pattern baldness, their hair follicles shrinks
  • The hair growing from the root becomes smaller and thinner gradually, as a result to which the follicle stops producing hair altogether
  • While Latisse helps the hair follicles to produce hair, it’s of no use once those follicles have given up.

Side Effects of Latisse:-

  • Latisse may cause hyper pigmentation of the skin when comes in much contact.
  • This can lead to unwanted dark spots on your skin

What are the Precautions?

  • Potential benefits and side effects of Latisse should be discussed with your doctor before starting the treatment
  • Inform your doctor of any pre-existing conditions or other medication you might be taking
  • Latisse is not been approved for children yet
  • Carefully follow the instructions and prevent the solution from spreading to other part of your skin to avoid hyper pigmentation and unwanted hair growth.

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