Clever Carpet Cleaning Hacks

The carpeting in your home is under constant attack from dust and dirt that accumulates on it. A lot of dust and other particles stick to your carpet, and while that is indeed a problem, it is most certainly not something that should stress you too much. Effective flawless carpet cleaning in the form of vacuuming every week or so will take care of most of the dust.

The real issue comes in the form of various accidents and spills that may occur on your carpet with time. If you don’t want to see the carpet permanently ruined, you should be prepared to face the issue and deal with it on the spot. Otherwise, even thorough carpet cleaning may not be enough to save the carpeting in your home. Luckily, the following cleaning tips will be more than enough to teach you how to handle emergencies.

Before you delve deeper in this matter, it is very important to keep 2 things in mind: carpet stains should be dealt with as soon as possible and you should not rub and scrub them, but rather blot them.

Clever Carpet Cleaning Hacks

– Stains from coffee and tea – if you don’t want a permanent dark spot on your carpet, you better deal with this stain quickly. First, blot with a dry towel to remove most of the drink from the carpet. Next, you can use a natural cleaner made with water and vinegar, or choose a specialised carpet cleaner to fully remove the stain.

– Stains from wine – do not let wine stains ruin your carpet. After you blot and remove the excess liquid from the carpet, you can cover the stain with salt, which will help absorb it. Other treatments that can work include club soda, water and vinegar mix, white wine (surprisingly, yes) and carpet shampoo.

– Stains from pet accidents – your pet may have an accident on the carpet, but that is no reason to be mad at your furry friend. Even well trained pets can sometimes make a mess. In this case you should pick up any debris with a scraper, and blot the liquid that’s on the carpet. In case the stain is dry, you will have to moisten it first and then apply some carpet cleaning solution. Finally, you can easily deal with the smell by using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

– Ink stains – perhaps your favorite pen has squirted ink on the carpet, or maybe your children have been naughty with their coloring gear. The way to handle ink stains is by blotting the spot with isopropyl alcohol and let it soak in the solution for 10 minutes. Next, remove the liquid with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat several times till the stain is gone.

– Oil and grease stains – spills are inevitable, if you are a passionate cook. Keep a dishwashing detergent at the ready when this happens. It does the trick for dishes, and it will do it for your stain on the carpet. Now you know how to deal with some of the most common carpet stains. Next time an accident occurs you shouldn’t panic, because you will know exactly how to tackle it.

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