20 Facts You’d Like to Know About Starbucks

We announce a day of tasty coffee and present you top 20 facts about Starbucks!


1. Starbucks uses the ground-up bodies of insects as a dye for their Strawberry Frappuccinos.

Whaaat? Crushed bugs in my drink?? Well, yeah! Strawberry Frappuccinos are veeeery popular! Come for more Starbuggs!

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7 Responses

  1. Malone says:

    21. Starbucks coffee is disgusting.
    22. Starbucks coffee is overpriced.
    23. There is nothing good about Starbucks.
    24. People who patronise Starbucks are guilliable idiots.

  2. ------ says:

    The logo used to be topless (without being covered by hair)

    • Diet says:

      Hey smartass it’s ‘GULLIBLE’ education is expensive but the cost of idiocy is more costly! Consider applying for a job at Starbucks and read number 8 that gray matter between your ears might benefit heavily!!!

  3. Daeva says:

    Starbucks coffe sucks. Really

  4. Daeva says:

    Thisis not coffe, it is water of washing bean. bleah. Italian coffe rules

  5. Kristen says:

    Starbucks are too expensive and nothing special really… Ever drink coffee in Mikel? Yeah that place RULES!

  6. IT 2 IT says:

    Their coffee is overpriced and STALE.

    They’ve also been sleazily on board with the globalist mafia’s agenda.

    And HOW it RUINS travel to be visiting a foreign country
    and there’s the stupid STARBUCKs —right next to sleazy McDonalds.


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