Everyday an average human being commits mistakes; some are slight while others can prove to be harmful. But if the mistakes are amended in time then it may not be a huge problem. Similarly, there are chances that one is prone to make common mistakes while straightening hair or making hairstyles. The range varies from using expired products to rubbing hair with a towel or combing hair vigorously while wet or straightening damp hair. If not taken care of in time, the mistakes might even cost you a fortune. With the right determination, a few common mistakes can easily be avoided especially while doing straight hairstyles.

Using Expired Hair Treatment Products

This is an extremely serious issue. As we all are aware of the fact that hair treatment products contain high quantity of chemicals, hence if we overlook the expiry dates those expired chemicals would surely have a negative impact on the health of one’s hair. For instance, straightening creams, Mousse, hair sprays and anti-frizz serums etc are used while doing straight hairstyles. Sometimes, even the retailer might accidentally provide expired products. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the expiry dates and the originality of the products beforehand.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Straight Hairstyles

Rubbing Hair with Towel

Hairs are very sensitive and must be handled with profound care. In order to dry hair with a towel, one must gently wrap the hair in a towel, press slightly and keep them in for a while. If the hairs are rubbed vigorously instead then the beauty of the hair is lost surely as it makes the hair curly, bushy and loses health. Therefore, this is an important mistake to be avoided for a natural and healthy look.

Straightening or Combing Wet Hair

Wet hair is the most vulnerable to damage. Numerous women completely overlook this fact and get their hair roots weakened while struggling to brush out the tangles in wet hair. This is a painfully serious mistake with long-lasting negative aftereffects upon hair. This leads towards breakage and pain as well. Thus it is advisable to use a detangling hair spray or softening moisturizer before combing wet hair, only if it is highly important.

Some women do not even fear using hot iron rod on wet hair, let alone combing them. Those are surely aiming for fried hair strands. It is worth mentioning that straightening wet hair may lead to burned hair and might even cause skin infection on the scalp. It is highly advised to let the hair get dry at first and then gently iron them with ease without any harm. Furthermore, it is also recommended not to use out of order or chipped hot tools, as they can be unsafe.

In conclusion, there is no denying the fact that common mistakes are obvious due to human nature, but it is equally important to understand the sensitive nature of the above mentioned mistakes and work up to full extent to avoid them. This way you will not only keep yourself safe but also make this world a better place for others to live in.

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