How to decorate a small bathroom can become a nightmare, especially if we’re talking super mini small quarter where it barely fits one person.

Usually, large houses home decor, already have managed the best to provide plenty of storage solutions that provide people with mini bathrooms optimal storage capacity for all typical accessories of any bathroom. With these great ideas for mini spaces, decorating small bathrooms will be a breeze.

Enjoy the Space above the Toilet

When thinking about how to decorate a small bathroom, do not think about the toilet. This is usually a storage space in the bathroom largely untapped. Most people leave the empty space above the toilet, like a sacrilege to put something above where we empty the bladder. However, today there are many furniture adapted to this part of the bathroom, some with a very fresh and fun touch.

Narrow Furniture with Removable Shelves

Narrow bathroom furniture with removable shelves are very good idea if you’re wondering how to decorate a small bathroom because they allow us to save a lot of space, besides giving us the opportunity to place almost anywhere.

Decorate Your Small Bathroom

Washbasin on the Wall without Shelf

The trays on the wall are a great idea if we have no storage space on the shelf basin and seek ideas on how to decorate small spaces. We can put toothbrushes, combs, dryer, soap for washing hands, etc.

The Door as Storage Space

Ideally in a bath super mini is to have sliding doors, allowing you to make the most space of the bathroom. In the case of a door of a lifetime, you can take advantage of the space behind them to hang an organizer where you can hang your things.

Hanging Storage

A fun idea to use as storage, is to create spaces for hanging storage. There are many ideas about this type of storage system, and many of them are kind of DIY.

For one, you can take advantage and place baskets caught by a rope, putting one above the other, leaving enough space between them so you can put things in and remove them.

There are styles like photography, with metal baskets and trellises and there are systems with wicker baskets, more sophisticated. The beauty of this system hanging storage is that you can hang anywhere, even in places with limited space.