Acne can be treated with the following methods.

  • Dermabrasion
  • Phototherapy
  • Surgery


Dermabrasion is a superficial medical method of treating acne in which the exterior of the skin is detached by scraping. The dark patches and the scars on the damaged skin can be easily removed by this method. Since this is a painful method of treatment, the patient is provided with a sufficient quantity of anesthesia that makes the patient partly conscious. Since this treatment involves peeling of skin, the appearance of the skin will be reddish and dehydrated. The patient will have the original skin after several months by that time the scar and the injury will be healed. This is an ideal method of treatment when the scar is moved up above the adjoining skin. Earlier dermabrasion was carried out by making use of a tiny, uncontaminated, electric sander. Laser dermabrasion is greatly simpler to control, much simpler to test, and is virtually bloodless when compared to typical dermabrasion.

Different Procedures Of Treating Acne


Phototherapy is further treated by three methods. They are

  • Blue and red light
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Laser treatment

Blue and Red Light

This method is a short period treatment for acne and it is used to treat gentle and sensible acne. In this method observable light has been fruitfully used to treat gentle to moderate acne which is called as deep piercing light treatment. This treatment is done twice in a week to get better results in curing mild acne. More appreciable results can be obtained if this treatment is taken by the patient daily. The mechanism shows to be that a porphyrin made within P. Acnes that produce free radicals when irradiated by adequate light of small wavelengths. When this is applied daily the free radicals are capable of killing harmful bacteria and prevent them from growing. This is the safest method of treating mild acne as there is no involvement of ultra-violet light. Thought this treatment method is a bit expensive, one can get better results.

Photodynamic Treatment

Laser hair removal is performed by utilizing sufficient and powerful azure or even purple column mild to lessen the amount of attention grabbing acne breakouts reduce to some large degree having a 30 days from the therapy. Within this technique the actual G. acnes is actually before given delta-aminolevulinic acidity which boosts the development of porphyrins. However this Photodynamic treatment methods are good and never obtainable in the peer-reviewed regular.

Laser Skin Treatment

This particular Laser skin treatment technique has been utilized to lower the actual marks which are remaining following the remedy associated with acne breakouts. This particular laser beam treatment can be used to produce among the subsequent results:

  • To melt away the actual hair foillicle sac that your hair evolves
  • To melt away the actual sweat human gland, that produces the actual oil
  • To convince settings associated with air within the germs as well as wrecking all of them

Because laser treatment and robust pulsed mild sources, they might trigger energy injury to your skin from the individual, you will find concerns the laser beam or even effective pulsed mild treatments with regard to acne breakouts may convince super colored areas or even reasons long-term lack of fluids of your skin from the individual20


Surgery is done for those who are suffering from cystic acne and simmers.

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