Daily we hear somewhere, someone hacked some person’s system and crashed their data or he did something with their PC. It has become one more major threat to the all persons who uses their PC for business, banking, and office works… etc.. Most of the people think having a good antivirus can keep us safe from all threats. These antivirus apps can  an antivirus installed PC can prevent some harmful threats but does it enough? Can antivirus can alone prevent all hacking threats to the PC? Now let us see the few important points and then conclude.

How Many Types’ of Viruses?

The biggest industry leader still works on evaluating new virus programs on a daily basis. The virus programs so many kinds, these exists in scripts, programs, add ware, spam’s and crashing programs. Each kind of a virus program targets different drive folders of the system tries to take over on certain permission and handle them. When the system connected to the internet, there uncountable chances getting injected by virus programs. The viruses can be loaded/infect the PC through various ways. In an internet world there, uncountable virus programs exiting that no one can count, each day a new virus program uploaded into internet by hackers.

Does Antivirus Help

How Antivirus Works?

The antivirus application provides does a lot of research on the internet for malicious content and harmful programs. They study the nature of program and their effects, and then they add the program occurrence file name to their virus database. They do this task for several weeks and test their virus database, which contains the virus existing file names, and how their application acts to disable virus script running on the host. Some antivirus follows some other methods than this mechanism.

Network Filtering

Some scripts attacks on network layer applications. This layer does the most important work on internet accessibility; every data packet goes to internet through the layer. This is crucial layer and more vulnerable to attacks, so it should have more protection. The system requires a strong firewall to scan and filter the messages/data packets that comes and leaves the system.


Most of the hosts/systems provide basic authentication programs like passwords, but these are easily breakable and can access the PC files and records by injecting a small set of scripts. These scripts easily break into the roots of the system and gains the administrative privileges to access the different sets of files and may chance to modify the available data.


Having only an antivirus does not provide all kinds of security to the system. For a normal user it is not a big threat, but for business people, celebrities, big heads are requiring more security to their hosts and pcs. We need to consider all the above-mentioned points to consider your PC is secure or not.

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