With the internet catching up to every nook and corner of the world, it is quite obvious that the next thing to do is get quicker and more accessible. In this endeavor, Idea is one of the biggest, multi-billion dollar giant that is aiming to reach the top. With its widespread network, this mobile service provider offers sim cards to millions of users who are now looking to connect to the internet via their handheld, mobile devices. With a catchy tagline of ‘Get Idea’, it might just be that Idea has some exclusive and attractive features to offer. Here’s a closer look at some of their offers and services.

Envious Of Those Around You Sporting 3G Internet Speeds

Bill Payment Options

While it is quite easy to get your hands on a mobile device, maintaining the utility of the device to its fullest is reliant upon regular payment of bills. Just like a utility bill or a monthly installment of a lease payment, most sim cards need to constantly be maintained. This is usually done by recharging your device by paying for credit on your phone.

The balance that one maintains is essential for calling and texting others. To ensure quick and easy access, Idea bill payment options include in-store payments as well as online payments. For remote access to Idea bill payment, all you need is your mobile number and a valid password. While bill payment is indeed an option for post-paid customers, there happen to be many pre-paid customers as well. For this reason, Idea has developed on online portal for users to recharge their phone quickly.

Online Recharge

Idea online recharge is a widely sought after feature and allows you to keep your balance in the positive from the comfort of your home or even from your handheld device when you’re outside. The only prerequisites to avail Idea online recharge is that you need a valid credit/debit card or a netbanking enabled bank account. This way, a hassle free transaction is ensured and so is the smooth operation of your handheld device. The multitude of offers that are also available to customers is another enticing factor to warrant full use of the online services offered by Idea.

3G Speeds

When looking up offers on the mobile recharging website, it becomes clear that all the offers are categorized by talktime, texting and internet. With more people using the internet every day, it is clear that we need faster network connection and data transfer. Some of the Idea 3G Plans are very attractive in this regard, providing enticing data packages at competitive prices. By some estimates and data analysis, it is believed that Idea 3G Plans have the potential to reach the largest number of rural consumers. This is especially beneficial to Idea as the rural regions are considered to be the largest untapped market.

In closing, it won’t do anymore to have a mobile handheld device that enables communication via text or voice calls. It is important to stay connected and in the moment. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to constantly improve yourself.


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