While they may be aesthetically appealing, large breasts can be quite the burden. Your back is constantly aching and sitting up straight requires actual effort! It is difficult to fit clothes that fit just right because your chest is so prominent. Also, naturally, everything you wear immediately looks sensual. You are tired of constantly being sexualized and just maybe, you would like to take up jogging or some other form of running without so much attention.

Whatever reason you may have for wanting to reduce the size of your breasts, it is still a big commitment. You are, after all, planning to permanently alter the appearance of your body. While many are aware of the processes surrounding breast augmentation, there is not much known about breast reduction.

By familiarizing yourself with the procedure, and all that it entails, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like a breast reduction.

The Procedure Everything You Need To Know About Breast Reduction

Breast reduction comes in two forms: reducing the size of the breast and making the areola smaller. The anesthesia that you will receive will depend upon how much of the breast tissue is to be removed. For small procedures, you may only require local anesthesia while for more significant removal, you will need general anesthesia.

First, the surgeon makes one or several incisions in the breasts. Excess tissue, fat, or skin will be removed. The cuts will then be stitched. Depending on how much of the breast was reduced, the nipple and areola may have to be repositioned. If most of the breast is made up of fatty tissue, liposuction may be used along with the surgery.


For a while after surgery, you may have to have some support for your breasts in the form of a surgical bra. Some drainage of the incision sites may also be required. You will experience pain immediately after surgery but this should dull to an ache after a few days.

Your stitches may be removed no later than two weeks after the plastic surgery is performed. However, bruising and swelling in your breasts may persist for several weeks. There will be remedies you can take to promote healing.


Always make sure that the hospital or center that you choose is properly credited by a medical board. A quite common surgery, breast reduction Gold Coast hospitals are well equipped to cater to those who require this surgery. These validated hospitals will provide you the best possible care and will continue to do so during your recovery.

Other Factors

There are a few more things to consider with breast reduction. For instance, this surgery usually leaves scars. While these marks may fade, it is unlikely they will completely disappear. These scars can usually be hidden but if it is something that will make you self-conscious, you may have to consider other treatments to diminish their appearance.

Furthermore, though you have reduced the tissue from your breasts, your breasts may become larger if you ever gain weight or become pregnant. This procedure is not necessarily permanent.

You may have wanted to reduce your breast size for a long time and now you can! Just simply follow these guidelines are you will soon be on your way to becoming a freer, and less self-conscious woman. With your new found confidence, there is very little that can stand in your path to happiness.