Everything You Need To Know About Codyline Sti Treatment

Among a number of sexually transmitted diseases or infections, genital warts are the common one, affecting almost half of the STI patients. Genital warts are caused by the virus called human papillomavirus or HPV that has almost 100 strains and among which 40 are known to cause warts.

Everything You Need To Know About Codyline Sti Treatment

Genital warts is definitely an irritating condition that affects not only the genitals but also the whole body, apart from offering embarrassment. The condition is accompanied by a number of signs and symptoms including abnormal outgrowth on the genitals – anus, vagina, and penis along with the flu-like symptoms which include fever, sore throat, aches, and pains. Inflammation, redness, and itching are also the downsides of genital warts.

So how can we get genital warts treated? There are a number of treatment available in the market that are known to be effective in treating warts. Among them, Condyline solution is known to the most effective.

Condyline – The Ultimate STI Treatment:

Condyline is a medication containing podophyllotoxin, which is a natural substance that has been used effectively to combat genital warts for many years. Condyline is applied to the infected area to eliminate warts.

The active substance in the Condyline is known to be effective in controlling the duplication and growth process of warts and HPV. When the Condyline solution is applied directly to warts using the applicator, it penetrates inside the warts tissues, destroys the nucleus of warts and eventually stops its growth and duplication.

The reason for the popularity of Condyline among the people is that it is easy to use, effective and cheap. It can prevent warts spreading and can help eradicate them altogether. All you need to do is apply the solution on your fingertip to the affected area, twice a day for three days.

Who Can Use Condyline Solution?

Many adults can use the condyline solution (get from uk meds) as there is minimal side effects that it offers. However, it is always advised to see the doctor before using condyline. It is advised that do not use the treatment if the area is inflamed, the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is Condyline Solution Safe to Use?

The condyline solution is safe to use, however, side effects are a possibility. These side effects include the irritation to the skin, mild headache, pain, and redness. These side effects will settle within an hour or two of the use, but if not, contact your doctor.