Electric Motors

Many people love to drive a vehicle at high speed. This is because not only it saves time of the journey but also some few get fun at high speed. 

Electric motors require high thermal conductivity to provide desirable and satisfactory operations. Higher the thermal conductivity, the better would be the performance of the vehicle. 

FYI, forged copper is one of the ideal alloys with the highest thermal and electric conductivities. 

Apart from that, the forged copper alloy increases the durability and robustness of the end product. Not only has that but the structural properties also improved for the alloys. 

In simple words, using Queen City Forging copper alloys gives you a vehicle that is efficient, long-lasting. Along with this, it serves you with higher performance and most importantly, it is available at an affordable cost. 

Benefits of Using Copper Forging For Electric Motors

Some of the common benefits of using a forged copper are discussed below in brief – 

  1. High Thermal & Electrical Conductivity

For the better performance of a vehicle, the essential requirement is the high-speed conductivity within the elements. It would considerably reduce the consumption of fuel or electricity in the case of electric motors. 

In short, you would receive a vehicle that has low operational expenses. This alloy is not only helpful in building the motors for roadways, but it also finds its applications in aerospace, naval, and marine motors. 

  1. Light in Weight

Forging of copper considerably reduces its weight and hence the motor designed with this alloy is lighter in mass. 

The speed and mass of the object are directly proportional to each other. As the alloy reduces the overall mass, you can expect the increased speed of the electric motor. 

  1. Higher Tolerance Capacity

Queen City Forging of copper increases the tolerance of the alloy. It enhances the ability of the material to withstand extreme temperatures without melting. 

Not only that but the load-carrying capacity of the material increases to a great extent which is highly beneficial for electric motors. 

Electric motors manufactured with forged copper alloy can drive with suitable speed even at higher load or stress.

  1. Reduce Corrosion

Raw Ferrous and copper material are highly corrosive when exposed to oxygen. It makes the element considerably unfit for its application in manufacturing. 

This is where Queen City Forging is helpful. 

“Copper forging is a process of transforming the shape of copper and its alloys under high-pressure conditions to obtain the desired dimensions and shape of the manufactured product.” 

Forging of copper eliminates all the deficiencies of its loose casting state and develops its microstructure fit for use in different applications.

The metal is no more corrosive in nature after the forging process. It allows us to use the forged copper for the manufacturing of electric motors adding to its life and robustness. 

  1. Better Mechanical Properties

Pure copper possesses high thermal and electrical conductivity but is very soft in nature as well as structure. 

These properties reduce the strength of the element to a great extent and make it unfit for use.

Forged copper on the other hand, due to alloying has better mechanical properties. Improved structural mechanics of the element enhances its use. It is then fit for its implementation in the manufacturing of various mobile and immobile structures. 

There is no complaint about its strength and has higher durability. 

  1. Improved Quality

The treatment of pure copper alloy with heat improves its quality considerably. If you are using the right forged copper, i.e., ISO 9001:2015 certified, it the best structure, quality, and performance. 

Most of the vehicles that are designed using the certified forged copper make them long-lasting and attain maximum customer satisfaction. 

After the implementation of this metal in electrical motors and the non-destructive testing of the element it is now utilised for the building of aerospace products that include – 

  1. Nuclear components
  2. Rocket engine liner 
  3. Pressure vessels
  4. Copper cast wheels 
  5. Rocket engine Nozzles
  6. Lox Domes
  7. Combustion chambers, and 
  8. More.

In electric motors, this metal is used for creating rings, discs, and blanks of wheels, outer structure for shaping the vehicle and several other specifications. 

This is one of the cost-efficient metal to be used for manufacturing of motors due to easy of converting its shape in the desired formation. 

It is highly safe for use in electrical motors due to its non-magnetic and non-sparking characteristics. 

Wrapping Up

Queen City Forging has the capability to form the most important parts of a vehicle with high-tolerance and heavier load-carrying capacities. 

In short, it makes an ideal metal to be used for the manufacturing of vehicles and electric motors. 

The alloy manufactured at queen city is highly reliable due to additional value-added processes which include heat treatment, contour torch cutting, metallurgical analysis, destructive and non-destructive testing, saw cutting, dyeing, and much more. 

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